Valentines Surprise!

Thread in 'General Chat' started by Morichai, Apr 4, 2013.

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  1. Here's a little V-Day gift to one of our most popular IC couples.

    Fey and Mia


    Happy Valentines Fey And SD!

    Hope everyone has a good day, valentines or not :3
  2. Ral, will you be my Valentine, y/y?

    I plan to spend the day with my one true love, a book!

    Awesome job as always Mori, the picture is adorable :3
  3. that's so cuutee :heart:3
  4. <span style='color:purple'>Omg! awwwwww. *hugs* They are? Thank you so much Mori. *Stops before his heart explodes*^.^ I will try to. *hugs while putting it as his desktop for the weekend *</span>
  5. AH omg! ty! that looks so awesome! and im as puzzled as Fey.. they're a popular couple? o.0 but still yay!! *dances*
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