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Thread in 'Game-Related' started by Thrai Bwekxa, Apr 4, 2013.

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  1. People, This account is actually a double account of Dark Eyed Dragon.
    I told the staff and they said it isn't a big issue and are grateful that I told them.

    More info http://shadowlack.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=6803here</a>

    Ok, Alex says that jodie can swap Thrai's characters to my account, but I only have one character slot left and I don't want these characters deleted because they will useful in future plots. Also, don't just post, you can delete them because like I said, I don't want them deleted. William and Flayra won't be happy ICly if these to have been deleted. So, no deletion

    Now, Shen Miag will transfered to DED account, so these two will be up for adoption.
    Note: I'm looking for one person or two people that are willing to play as William's boyfriend http://shadowlack.com/persona.php?id=1535Thrai Bwekxa</a> and Flayra's friend http://shadowlack.com/persona.php?id=1537Jutwras Brytzex</a>

    Plz choose wisely.

    P.P.S: With Thrai, it would also has to be someone who is willing to also do a mature thread between Thrai and William.
  2. Ok, Jynx has asked if she could adopted Thrai Bwekxa. I said she could and I asked Jodie to move Thrai to her account.
    Now, Jutwras is the last one. Any takers?
  3. Thought I should give some verification. I did want to adopt Thrai, if that's still okay. :)
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