Tumhuem Concert

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    There were rumours of a concert that was to be held on the 33rd of Tria and there was strange activity going on at the Ajita Entertainment Stadium. Garbania, a female news reporter for the morning news, asked those who were said to be the sponsor of this event. However difficult to get close to them to ask, she confirmed the rumour was true, there was going to be a concert. She asked one of the sponsors named Arsenic Strychnine, if there were any other sponsors and if was to be held at the AES (Ajita Entertainment Stadium). He confirmed that there were, saying one of them was Miss Koani Grader, but he did not give any other names and also said that it is going to be held at the AES.

    Garbania reported that the rumours were true about the concert at the AES for Tumhuem. She also said that the AES was off-limits until further instructions were given. No more comments were given.
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