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Thread in 'World Building' started by shriker, Sep 18, 2012.

  1. Use this thread to suggest new trades to add to our character Trade Catalogue. Only trade suggestions that are unique and do not significantly overlap existing trades will be considered. Please do some research before submitting a new trade idea.
  2. Mechanic, unless this falls under 'Machina Technology'. Haven't figured what/if there's a divide between the two. Like, the fancy stuff is all Fronima-based but simpler items use standard technology principles.
  3. Machina Technology would probably be considered Mechanic++. If a character knew Machina Technology, then they likely would be just as proficient with ye' old electricity and older methods. I imagine that in order to become a Machina Tech specialist, you'd have to at least sit through a handful of classes/courses that taught you the basics of outdated tech.

    If you want to be safe though (and have a less magic-based/fancy stuff trade), there's also Electrician & Technical Engineering to choose from.

  4. Anthropology? I see history and sociology and archaeology but not the almighty hybrid field...
    Other suggestions: politics, diplomacy, natural history, welding, conservation
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  5. I don't think there's anything like Anthropology at the moment, so it could likely be added. The rest I'll have to comb through a bit. I try not to add a trade if it has too much overlap with an existing one. Politics might be a good one to add, or the existing Law trade could be amended to include Law & Politics.

    I don't believe anything like Diplomacy exists (outside of Debate) though. Welding could potentially fall under Technical Engineering. All good suggestions. :)
  6. Ehehe, I approve this description :3
  7. Going back to the Mechanic thing, electrician is really not the same sort of thing while it seems Machina Technology is a more advanced and more encompassing field than I was originally hoping for. Engineering is also a very different line of work, so yeah, can see a standard mechanic depending on how ubiquitous fronima use in machinery is. Standard mechanic could just be rolled into lower tiers of Machina Tech tho', especially if fronima is in *everything* worth caring about and thus repairing.

    I decided to be nice to my character and gave him Machina Tech in either case.
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  8. Economics, maybe? The tricky bit is that I'm not sure whether it'd fall under Sciences or Social/Lit, since it technically covers both... maybe the former, though. (It's only kind of important for people who manage the finances of a country for a living. :P)
  9. @Rythe There are a few trades that really cater toward the higher-tier/level. But yes, Mechanic would just be a lower tier Machina Tech specialization. :)

    @Nasuella Funny how I have a finance minister of sorts as a character, and don't even have that trade. I'll have to think about that one. While we're on that topic, what do you think of prefixing/name spacing all of the wiki trades with "Trade:"? That would solve all of our conflicting page name problems.
  10. @Iversia - I approve of this idea. Would definitely solve the issue of having both a Languages trade page and a Languages page, for one.
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