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Thread in 'Help Desk' started by Ryuu007, Aug 18, 2014.

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  1. I don't know if this is allowed, but unfortunately i made a mistake in selecting the trades for my character. It was supposed to be Inventor and assassin/bounty-hunter, but i guess i was half-asleep on the other trade, picking archon of light lore instead of assassin, like i wanted.

    sorry for the inconvenience, but if i could have the archon of light lore trade on Bhairyuu changed to assassin that would be great.

    Before i go get that changed, I do have a question. he did not pick any trades that directly relate to magic like elemental kinesis or sorcery or darkness lore or light lore, but can he still use magic anyway?
  2. I can get that changed for you later today.

    As for being able to do magic without having a magic trade - he certainly can. Magic is a natural resource on Ramath-lehi, and it's actually considered strange if you're unable to do at least a little bit of it.
  3. okay so as far as magic is concerned is he limited to say one and only one element or can he choose multiple ones? and is there possibility of combining magic techniques to create stronger attacks/defenses?
  4. Multiple. You aren't tied to any one element/substance unless you decide that your character has a particular affinity for it. You're also free to combine magic techniques.

    To create stronger magic (attack/defense), you would actually need to pair up with another magic user (or even a team). As a spell becomes stronger and more effective the more magic users that are performing it at the same time via the Law of Greater Numbers. You can have a quick look over the Laws of Magic for a few more specifics
  5. I was thinking he would have maybe 2-3 elements in elemental magic though not the same level of expertise in all of them. yeah i saw that page earlier, so thanks for the clarifications. aside from the elements of fire water wind and earth light and dark, can he have other types of magic like dream weaving, illusionary, etc? and what of martial arts, like weapon based forms and unarmed combat? I guess what i am asking is what are the limits as to what my character can do in terms of a skillset?
  6. There really aren't many limits per se. You just cannot create a character that is 100% invincible or flawless. They need to have some flaws. He could have Dream Weaving, or any other kind of magic for that matter, or be skilled in a martial art that has been passed down in his family. We really aren't strict about limiting a character's potential.

    If you want him to be more recognized for something like Dream Weaving though, and not just have it as more of a hobby/offshoot of his existing abilities, it's recommended that you purchase additional trades from the shop with Glims (that you can get from roleplaying).
  7. oh yeah, i totally understand. I don't like playing those types of characters anyway. Having weaknesses and vices making a character so much more fun! Although, i would like you to go through my character page once it is done just to ensure i have not gone overboard with anything (i tend to get carried away at times.)

    alright, i will look into purchasing more trades as i progress in my roleplaying here. how many can you buy anyway?
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  8. You can have up to seven trades per character. So, much more than anyone would ever really need. :)
  9. aww, only seven...jk jk. That sounds good, and if it is not too troublesome, i was wondering what exactly is the conversion between post count or word count and Glim?
  10. There isn't a set wordcount : glim ratio. Without getting too specific, it's like this:
    • There is a base glim value per thread started. (This can vary depending on the time of year).
    • There is a base glim value per reply.
    • Your word count is actually a multiplier, but it's quite negligible. It ranges from 0.001-0.003 and will actually cap out. So people who write lengthy posts don't end up with too much of an unfair advantage.
    • Replying to a thread will get you more glims than starting one yourself.
    • If you reply to a thread in a timely manner (less than 48 hours since your roleplay partner posted), you get a Thread Streak bonus. This is actually the best way to get glims. It can double, and sometimes triple what you get per post.
    I believe most people end up averaging 1 to 3 glims per in character post, so you can accumulate them quite quickly.
  11. ah nice, that's the kind of info i was looking for. and each additional trade up to the seven limit costs 5 glims if i am reading that right, so its a fairly nice user-friendly system imo. anyway thanks for the clarifications on the questions. I will probably have more once i have fleshed out my character so stay tuned.
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