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  1. Cyn, I'm glad you are putting this up. I like it and I'm glad, because then more and more people will come to appreciate the wonderful work you do on the avatars and signatures. :musicnote:

    p.s. Dong Bang Shin Ki
  2. <span style='font-family:arial'> Aki requested from me awhile back way before the thread, so here's her set, and I finally got to it :heart:


    And thanks Aki-Sha ! :heart::heart:</span>
  3. -huggles and lollies- I really love them Cyn! Thank you so much again! ^^ I finally have a good avatar and signature that has lollipops. :heart:
  4. <table width=410px" cellpadding=0 cellspacing=2px bgcolor=#000000 style="border-left:4px #FFFFFF solid; border-top:4px #FFFFFF solid; border-right:4px #FFFFFF solid; border-bottom:4px #FFFFFF solid"><tr><td>
    <font color=#FFFFFF><div align="justify">
    <font color=#FFFFFF>~Twilight~</font>
    May I, perchance, have a set to go along with the Twilight theme? I don't have any specific images, and you may have to poke mori to see if it is ok to nick sommat out of this table here...
    but, I digress...


    <tag /></td></tr></table>​
  5. ^ yes you can steal the picture ^-^ if you so need - however there is no online picture matching this(i hope! XD)as it was done from scratch and stoof >.>
  6. <span style='font-family:arial'> I would do it, but it's so out of my hands =S I'm not that talented T_T;;
    Rules m'dear, it was a must read.

    <table border='0' align='center' width='95%' cellpadding='3' cellspacing='1'><tr><td>QUOTE </td></tr><tr><td id='QUOTE'>rules. must read !!
    1. Please Please PLEASE Provide HIGH QUALITY Images, not those grimy icky stuff, cause if I make it then it's SOOO out of my hands, the quality of the final product, and then you'll be all ICK, and I'll be all -CURSES-.
    2. MUST use for a WEEK atleast, I made it with MY TIME and effort and it REALLY sucks if you just throw it aside.
    3.COMMENT, tell me what you think. If it sucks TELL ME WHY, i can't improve if I don't know where to improve.
    4.STOCK Images? I CAN PROVIDE, just tell me WHAT you're looking for (note; I ONLY have ASIAN stock images. people people people)
    5.I will ONLY work with people pictures.
    6.Put Dong Bang Shin Ki somewhere in your post, so I know you read the rules.
    7. I might reject your request if I can't flow with it, although I doubt I would If you read the rules and complied.
    8. Don't be picky, I get stressed out if you're all specific and end up doing bad. I usually make it however it makes me happy anyways >>;
    9.CREDIT or else !
    10. Don't be ridiculous and give me like 10 people for an avatar. Give me TWO as the main, and I'll TRY fitting in more.
    11. Have fun requesting ^^

    Numbers 1 and 5 more specifically
    HQ Images, I can't work with that one T_T;
    BUT I do, have star stocks and starish textures, but that's when the next rule comes in;
    And I need people or you'll...have just a texture basically =S which would look awful and so out of my hands as I said T_T;;</span>
  7. Aki's right. You do these very well. An' I'd love an avatar done. ^_^ I need one. Hehe.

    I'd like it to read Dj Plaid Skirt, and using this
    image. It was saved in windows paint, so it looks a little bleh. Hope that's ok. I don't think it looks too bad. ^_^

    I have bigger sizes of the picture if you need also. And if it's no trouble a matching banner would be nice as well. ;)
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