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Thread in 'Game-Related' started by Lupa Blackthrone, Aug 17, 2014.

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  1. Heyoooo! (I hope I never do that again in my life)

    So, I was told this particular place is a good place to post a thing about a thing about getting into a thing. I took this advice because advice from the staff and senior members is good advice to take, so here I am! I should stop rambling. [Nods]

    May I introduce Lupa Blackthrone (there's some naming behind this and that's a long story to get into--and unrelated to this thread). Despite her small body and frail appearance, she is a somewhat (read: not) successful assassin of the killing sort. Her secondary trade is an oral storyteller, which is her passion in life. She loves telling stories, and a good argument is one of her favorite things, but she's very shy when not telling a story (the reason behind this is she totally zones out when telling a story, but when in a conversation, she has to be aware). She's very clever, although that's not always a good thing for her, as she's known for over-thinking someone's response and jumping to the worst conclusion.

    I don't really have a very fleshed out plot ideas (or even any, actually) which makes me really useless to you! I'm sorry. That said, I'm open to anything and everything, since I'm trying to get into the flow of things around here. So, please offer me something or give me some sort of idea, I don't even know, man! [Awkward laughter] Um...yeah, so...maybe there's some sort of plot behind her failing at her job in some horrible fashion and someone coming along and helping? I've no idea, seriously. Sorry. I hope I'm at least some help here.
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  2. I just got this hilarious image of her trying to kill one of my characters and than my character taking pity on her xD "Clumsy" is such a fun trait to give an assassin.

    Another fun thing could be to have her drinking at a bar where she gets carried away telling stories that end up drawing in everyone's attention. But maybe she accidentally lets it slip that she's an assassin and then everyone is suddenly uncomfortable around her :p
  3. [laughs] That is a wonderful image, indeed. Yeah, I kinda figured giving her clumsy would take the edge off, and it's just downright hilarious to have a character that should be scary, but generally fails at it terribly.

    That would be fun, indeed. "What'd I say?" and all innocent blinking at everyone.
  4. I would probably be game for either of these thread possibilities. My character Xairyn used to be a bit of a crime lord and has lots of enemies out there. Some of whom would probably hire an assassin. She'd then probably take Lupa aside and try to give her a few tips, lol.

    Then on the flip side my character Maeanu is a bar tender who is pretty much forced to listen to whatever her customers are talking about on a regular basis. That or I think @EyeoftheNyte also has a bar employee who could over hear her stories.
  5. Lol, that sounds awesome and slightly ironic in a wonderful way. If you're offering, I'd totally be game, but if you're not, that's cool too.

    Now, that sort of job has a plus side and a negative side. You get to hear all sorts of cool stories...but you also get the occasional drunk sobbing all over your nice, clean counter. Either way, I think I'd be thankful for whatever was thrown my way.

    Say, random question, but how many players are on this site actively?
  6. I sure do. He's a bouncer at The Rage and he's seen and heard all sorts of blubbering, boasting and boobery.
  7. I'm sure he's heard it all, from the good to the ugly, no? Sounds like a very interesting character. Wait...there's taverns around? Yes, I'm just having this realization. Like an idiot.
  8. There's a wiki page. I'm an idiot. I should just go pour over everything in the wiki, shouldn't I? It seems there's a lot to see and do and read. Gah. [unhappy whale noise]
  9. Yeah, there's tons of info here. Don't overwhelm yourself or make yourself go batty on info. I've just pealed through portions as needed really or when some little munchkin decides that he doesn't want to sleep at 2 am. It's a good way to pass the time. I love this world and veritable library of awesomeness!
  10. There's so much to do around here, I'm working through the wiki slowly. I'm reading the main portions and then referring later on.
  11. Yep, I'd be game! I keep wanting to take Xairyn out since she's my newest baby and needs to learn to walk still :p
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