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Thread in 'Game-Related' started by Eniar, Apr 1, 2013.

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  1. So my new character Tabijo is almost done, and I was wondering if anyone would be interested in a thread with him. I don't have any real plot ideas for the moment, except making friends/enemies and meeting clients to sell his menagerie to. He'll travel anywhere he can make money, and if anyone wants to possibly already know him/have connections to his business or anything, that'd be great. :D

    He's an animal breeder/trader, although he's also willing to hunt down an animal for/with clients and get really banged up in the process. I still have to look up all the animals he could possibly have available, but I know he has Thaga pups at the very least. Tabijo is also a compulsive liar with multiple 'characters' of his own, and he's not really a city boy so I think it'd be fun if someone found him lost somewhere in a really populated area, or maybe finds him mixed up in a bad situation in Bhim (either attacking or saving him!) if any of those sound fun~

    I'm still reading up on a lot of the culture and stuff to refresh my memory, so I may be slow to respond just to make sure I get everything right. So, is anyone interested in a thread? ^^;
  2. Aha, thanks! I'm hoping he will be~ And I just might have to steal that one, yess. >:3
  3. I'd love another thread with you! Been a while.
  4. Well my character has a father that is a knight in the "Blades of Dynir" that patrols the coast line of Dhruv.
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