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Thread in 'World Building' started by Temrin, Dec 7, 2013.

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  1. So! I vaguely remember something being brought up about this but if it was and I didn't imagine it *it happens* I'm curious if there is a way to download old RPs that you've been in. Just the simple text version of it. I'm going through some of my really old things and as much as they are horribad i'd love to be able to save and archive them on my drive CUZ HISTORY and things.

    *ramble ramble and horrified at how bad my RPs were.*
  2. I think I remember talking about this before... the only real complication is the format. What sort of format would posts be saved in? Plain HTML files?
  3. The simpler the better. Honestly, i wouldn't be adverse to how chat logs on IMs are saved.
    Name1: Date: Post text
    Name2: Date: Post text
    etc. all in one text log.
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  4. I've been giving this a bit more thought. What I'd like to do first is build an exporter for PMs/Personal Conversations. Since it's a smaller dataset, it'll be much easier to work with. If all that goes well, I'll consider building the exporter for a user's forum activity. It has a few levels of complexity though, namely permissions, and also having to grab all threads that you've *posted* in, and not just started, and will have to be queued because our database is rather monolithic (there are some people who have solely written hundreds of thousands of words).
  5. *nods* understandable. I was just thinking for single thread downloads, not a whole users' worth at once. I look forward to seeing how the PM one works though! : )
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  6. Ahhh, single thread downloads would be easier. I think there might be a few tools already that exist to convert things to PDFs. ^_^
  7. Woohoooo! :3
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