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Thread in 'General Chat' started by shriker, Apr 4, 2013.

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  1. Well i'd like to rp with Vythe if you dont mind... i'm drawing up my femme as we speak kinda ^-^ i'll get her sent off before wednesday *checks schedule* yeh wednesday :P

    vythe reminds me of my ex... haha...*cough*
  2. Moomoo. I PMed you about a possible thread. :3 But I think it'd be cool if Dylan and Vythe or (once again, as they'd probably met before) Aiden and Vythe met.

    And it'd be pretty funny if Aiden... uh, hit on Vythe. xD
  3. Hm... I think either could be pretty fun. Something with Vythe would be neat too. I'm not quite sure how he'd react to being hit on though... lol. Specially when it's someone who's sort of a co-worker. XD
  4. I want to do the Kakos-Jude thread, ja (mind if I start for that?). But take your pick as to Dyllie or Aiden.
  5. Go ahead and start. Um. Maybe something with Aiden could be interesting?
  6. nice pic Attrius Infernus is it ok if i join yours im confused at the moment or any for that matter IM GOING NUTS HERE!
  7. No, Rattus. Unless Jodie has something to say about it, it is not, on my side, okay to join our thread.
  8. Mm... don't think I have any room for new threads right at the moment. College starts up this week for me, and I sort of want to see what the load is going to be like.

    I've got no qualms about people joining pre-existing threads though, as long as they give me a head's up and everyone else is cool with it.
  9. Darn...

    i might just wait till a later point, lest you have somewhere a Bio - geneticist could fit in ^-~

    college just got the internet set up here ^-^ finally after about three week....
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