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  1. *skitters off to reply*
  2. <table border='0' align='center' width='95%' cellpadding='3' cellspacing='1'><tr><td>QUOTE (Beast @ Jul 9 2007, 08:45 AM)</td></tr><tr><td id='QUOTE'> He makes junk. xD; Novelties and fairly worthless fad items, like robots that do various cleaning-related tasks (but never with much skill), automatic pancake-makers, and GUARANTEED stain removers. So he makes a little bit of everything. :3

    As for books of his that Jaceen may have read, there have been a few published against him, by snoopy reporters, rival inventing companies, etc. Stuff like biographies that fabricate his image in the other direction and make him seem a lot crazier/weirder/more perverted than he is. </td></tr></table>
    Bwahaha, excellent. :fishie: Would you like to start? Or would you like me to?

    *does little dances*
  3. It'd be great if you could start, as I have another intro to write and a roleplay to reply to. x) Please & thanks.
  4. Sures. Any preference as to where it is?
  5. Hmm. Umm.

    Well, the factories for producing his inventions would probably be located in big, empty areas (ie: deserts & plains), and he visits them from time to time to oversee stuff & look important. But he lives in Ajita, where he was born.

    So whichever Jaceen would be more likely to visit works for me. :3
  6. Hm... probably Ajita then since she "sort of" has family there. I don't think she ever really visits there any more than three times a month... so I could make it during one of those. :)
  7. Sounds just fine. n_n

    What sort of housing does Ajita have? 'Cause I was thinking, perhaps Darwing could be testing something in his front yard (if front yards exist in Ajita), a gardening robot maybe. If it was making loud noises, smoldering, and sparking, it would probably catch Jaceen's attention, no?
  8. Generally Ajita has a lot of condos/apartments around the inner city core, then there are mansions and the like spread out all around. I wouldn't be surprised if Darwing lived somewhere around the Graders. Large lots exist around there for sure. But yeah, seeing something strange like that would definitely catch her attention. :P
  9. Yeah, he'd prefer a semi-secluded mansion over an apartment or condo. A mansion would give him so much extra space for his eccentricities and experiments.


    Should we develop some sort of plot before starting, or do you just want to wing it?
  10. Mm, doesn't really matter to me unless you've got something in mind. :)
  11. Nope, nothing. :B I don't usually rp with preordained plots.

    So.. I think that's it? I await your intro eagerly. :D
  12. If you had the time jods i'd really like to rp with yuu.

    Maybe with case? Involoving either my Tira or Morichai. I have a new character on the rocks though, a 38 year old femme. If that pulls through on paper i'd like to have a shot at Vythe? that'd take a week or so though. I'm not the shabbiest of rpers theses days.

    Only if you're not swamped though :heart:
  13. Maybes? I'm not in too many threads at the moment. Having one with Case would be cool, but I think I'd prefer a thread with Vythe. He hasn't gotten much air time as of late. :]
  14. ... Replied to 'I'm blind what's your excuse?' thread... A while ago...
  15. Whoa, thanks for telling me. I hadn't even noticed. oO;; I never got the topic notification from it.
  16. Lol xD I was wondering... But I didn't want to sound too impatient O_o; You're probably busy xD
  17. hello ther mind if i join in i think the thread i am doing has died so if thats ok with youl lot id appreciate it im bored stiff here.
  18. Replied thaar.

    Mm, and what thread did you want to join, Rattus?
  19. any one it doesnt really bother me. im so bored just PM me with the link so i can find it ok
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