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  1. I'm looking for a few more threads with some people. Maybe another 2-3 for the time being, unless you're looking for something short. I'd be cool with that too. :]

    Here's some quick information on my characters. Ah, and before I'm asked, yes, all of them are single too. If you think you've got a romantic match for one of them, let me know.</a>. (m/48) Head of Security for the Graders. Generally one of your "no nonsense" type of guys (though not mean at all). He doesn't smoke, doesn't drink... and for that matter, doesn't really have much of a social life. His life pretty much is his job. I think he needs some friends... lol.</a>. (f/46) Ah, Koani's job is to look pretty. Okay... maybe not, but wouldn't that be interesting? She's actually the Councillor of Finance for the government. Which makes sense given her background. She's pretty laid back despite all the hype that surrounds her. Unlike Vythe, she does drink and is a cheap drunk at that.</a>. (m/20) Ah, Koani's son. He (somewhat) recently broke up with his girlfriend. I wouldn't put it past him to be a little emo about it, but generally he's a pretty crazy/fun guy. As of late he's dropped out of Janardan and is doing an internship at an architecture/design company.</a>. (f/?) Everyone needs a bat-shit insane character. Kakos is mine. Lately she's been getting more and more into the "business" world on Bhim... which is a little more than shady if you ask me.</a>. (f/40) Ee, cute and lovable Jaceen. Really she's a darling. :] She's a teacher (History & some magic) at Janardan, as well as an office administrator. In her spare time she likes to... read. Who doesn't like reading?
  2. I love how you wrote those mini descriptions, I giggle everytime I look at them.

    Well I'd love to roleplay :D Though, don't expect a good plot from me because I simply cannot plot roleplays very well D:

    Anyways. I think either Euphoria/Tlegcmys may get along well with Cayson (as long as he doesn't go emo on them >:U). Or I think Aria would get along well with Jaceen.

    Oh, and typing this I found my lense cleaner for my glasses :D Yey.

    Of course the alternative is a random roleplay with Draconan and Kakos somehow meeting.
  3. Naah, the odds of him being emo are pretty slim to nil. He doesn't really like being unhappy, so he's never really been the type to dwell on things. I think mebbe Euphoria & Cayson? I'm just trying to think of some sort of situation. I don't think Cay has any pets... certainly not a dark magic snake thing. Maybe he should get one, lol.
  4. Dark magic snake things are so in right now. He needs one fo sho'. Anyways.

    I just forgot what I was going to to type.
  5. 'Quiem soooo wants a thread with Case.
  6. Bwaha. I'm not really sure if a snake would suit Case. I think he may be more of the type to get something that's cute and fluffy, and not scary and scaly. Although magic based pets are pretty damn awesome. Hm, I'm just wondering where Euphoria and him could meet up. Does she have any hobbies/interests other than music and dancing?

    Em, yes! I was actually going to poke you for another thread since I think our current one is slowly coming to a close. Requiem would be awesome too. Although... I think Cay might have a O_O; moment. You know, it's not every day that you run into a rock star, lol.
  7. Dyllie is gonna invite 'Ani to his big party, though. :P I think that he really represents me - the whole "I-love-you-but-I-can't-seem-to-tell-you" thing is Emz incarnate.
  8. Euph likes to do alot of things. She could just be wandering around somewhere and bump into Cayson. She can be kinda out of it sometimes.
  9. Hee, yes. I'm sure she'll be delighted to be invited too. I bet her first thought will be along the lines of, "H'omg! What to wear?!" XD Or maybe not. I have waaaaay too much fun thinking up her outfits.

    ... *glomps Dyllie* NO CUTE. lol.


    Mm, space-case? :P Like physically bumping into him? lol. I don't know about that. Maybe they could meet up in a music store of some sort?
  10. Invited to what? XD Though I'm quite sure she'd worry about her appearence.

    Music store :heart: Murr, I like.
  11. Want me to start the Case/'Quiem thread, or you?
  12. Makes no difference to me, unless you've got an idea already that you'd like to run with. :)
  13. Hrmmm. Mind starting? I've started too many threads amongst various boards this week for my own good. :P

    As for plot ideas:

    -dance/night club?
    -umm... resturaunt...? again? :P
    -some idea of yours, i guess.
  14. Kekekekeke. :] I shall come up with something.
  15. Okay, so we've decided they're going to meet in a music store somehow. But what's going to happen after that? Or do you want to make it up as we go?
  16. O: If you still want another thread, I'd reeeaaaally like to roleplay with you.

    Anyway, I have no roleplays with Ayres at the moment, and I want to rp the chef so badly. D: But he's not quite ready to expand his store or anything, so the Kakos idea still wouldn't work yet.

    And I also have no roleplays with Darwing, old man/scientist/perv. 8D He'd probably enjoy meeting Koani or Jaceen. Or Kakos, even; I wouldn't put it past him.

    So. :3 A thread would be fun.
  17. Jaceen has such a cool profile. :D

    And Darwing's not the sit-down-and-write-a-book type. xD But he is the have-someone-ghostwrite-a-book-for-you type.

    So yes, Darwing has "written" books: various autobiographies that glossed up his image and his inventions, and basically made him seem a lot more important to modern science than he actually is, and maybe some half-fraudulent 'educational' books/how-to-get-rich-like-me books.
  18. Thanks... I think it needs pictures, lol.

    Makes sense. I didn't really expect he'd be writing his own book. But yeah, a ghostwriter sounds about right. I was just hunting for something that Jaceen might know about him. I'd imagine that he'd have at least a few theory papers published if he's an inventor, and I like the idea of autobiographies. Bwaha... and I love the idea "educational" ones. Though... Jaceen probably would roll her eyes at those.

    Ah... what sort of things does he make anyway?
  19. He makes junk. xD; Novelties and fairly worthless fad items, like robots that do various cleaning-related tasks (but never with much skill), automatic pancake-makers, and GUARANTEED stain removers. So he makes a little bit of everything. :3

    As for books of his that Jaceen may have read, there have been a few published against him, by snoopy reporters, rival inventing companies, etc. Stuff like biographies that fabricate his image in the other direction and make him seem a lot crazier/weirder/more perverted than he is.
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