Plots The Possession of Michaelus Neko

Thread in 'Game-Related' started by shriker, Feb 23, 2010.

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  1. I'm just starting a topic here so that we can keep everything organized instead of PMs. I hope that's alright with you empdrgnlrd.

    Anyway, Michaelus Neko is currently a character in the pending queue because there are few things that need to be sorted out. :) Namely, the fact that he is being possessed by his deceased brother, Marco.

    • The consolidation of Michaelus & Marco into one profile.
    • Michaelus is being possessed by his twin brother, Marco.

    Not Approved

    The following needs to be changed before the character can be approved:

    • Marco cannot be a reincarnated soul. He could not have experienced past lives.
    • Marco could not have possessed Michaelus while still in the womb.

    Some Suggestions/Ideas

    • Michaelus could have newly been possessed by Marco during the recent fluctuations in Fronima. This would fit in much better with the Shadowlack theme, and also would tie Michaelus into the current world wide plot.
    • Michaelus could actually be possessed by a Koroshiya, which is merely using the form of his dead brother in order to manipulate him. (Way cooler if you're wanting to have your character possessed by an immortal as well as evil creature.)
  2. awww.... i was getting the death in womb thing from an actual event in my life, but if it is the only way to allow it, i guess i will go with it.
  3. Yeah, the idea is pretty neat for a character. But a child, specially one that hasn't even hatched yet, wouldn't have the power to possess anything. :)
  4. perhaps the embryo was possessed by a dark spirit when the mother went to a location with a lot of negative spiritual energy?..
  5. Ah... no. Characters can only be possessed if they have active magical abilities. So an embryo, which hasn't even developed yet, wouldn't have a link at all to Fronima/the magical realm.

    I still think that they both should have been born, and that Marco died at a very early age. Maybe Michaelus was so young that he doesn't even remember, and it comes as a complete surprise that he becomes possessed by his long since dead twin. That way you could even work some sort of revenge plot in.
  6. alright.. v.v i will get on the editing (not very good so dreading this part)
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