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Thread in 'General Chat' started by Beast, Apr 4, 2013.

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  1. Ha, Gabe just wants someone to snuggle with. :P And give him hugs and kisses. Otherwise, he'll just end up to be another lonely, starving artist.

    Annnnnd. I'll draw Khodan, since he's so awesome!
  2. x3 Snuggling. Hee.

    That sounds great -- Khodan's mardi gras colors are fun to draw, too. :D

    I'll try to finish Gabe as quick as possible, but.. hhhhhhoooomework. -dies- Dx
  3. Well. xD I used oC for the lineart, then I couldn't find/wasn't sure if there was a simple way of using the eyedropper tool for blending (like in Photoshop, how you just press 'alt' while using the brush), so I decided to color it in Photoshop instead.

    But then the lineart looked really pale and sickly, 'cause in my stupidity I'd been drawing with the pressure sensitivity of my tablet affecting the thickness/thinness of the lines and the intensity of color. :/ So it's kind of grey.

    But here you go, Emz. :D It's Gabe from the neck up, with colored lineart and shiny hair.


    I even looked up wolves to try to make him more wolfish. xD His nose and all, sort of.
  4. GAH I LOVES IT. :heart:
  5. I'm so glad. :D Could you save it to your computer so I can take it back down again?
  6. Rah, new drawing! OC for lineart/sketch again (thanks so much, Jodie, I love the program x3), and photoshop for colors.!</a>

    It's Estull Dyma, Ayres' first cousin once removed. Ayres needed a lackey for the pastry shop. ;D
  7. Ah, I loves it! And, I saved it, so you can remove it now.
  8. Saw the last pic you posted! Thats mighty awesome! *tripple thumbs up* Don't ask where the extra thumb came from ~.^
  9. xD Thank you. Triple thumbs up are three-halves better than two thumbs up. Woo!
  10. Whoot! Yay for math making no sense to me! XD
  11. xD That made a little sense to me when I wrote it, but now it doesn't make much sense at all.

    2 x 3/2 = 3, though, not 2 + 3/2 = 3. o_o;
  12. Haha. I get it~
  13. Lol me too. and i thought i had lost all knowledge of mathematics.
  14. DDDx I was just reading over this, and realized that I forgot to do Khodan. :c I'll do him right away, dearheart.
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