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Thread in 'General Chat' started by Beast, Apr 4, 2013.

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  1. heh,

    i have to say this though....

  2. x3 Thanks.

    And I'm sorry to the people who have pending requests - I'm having a creativity block right now. ._. Can't draw, can barely write.. I just want to read my library books. xD I'll do more requests later. And.. I need to mail Ramathian staff for special permission for Dar's master ranks. When I saw the rejection, I freaked - but at least there's still a chance. -crosses fingers-
  3. I hope this isn't considered spammy or anything (posting twice in a row is not good D: ), but after a 10-month break, I'm happy to announce that I have returned. :D And I've realized that all my old art is sucky and hideous. So.. It's all been taken down. If anyone really wants their completed request put back up, just say so -- but I'll only host it long enough for you to save it to your own computer and host it yourself. Because.

    And if anyone wants new requests, I may consider it, but it'll have to be a really awesome design that I /want/ to draw, because I'm lazy now. D: And then there's that pesky stuff called 'homework,' too.
  4. I still want mine. :o
  5. Okey-doke. Check my first post for the URL. Please save the image & host it yourself. :)
  6. -stares-

    That. Is. Fan-fucking-tastic.

    -continues staring-
  7. c: Glad you like it.

    Could you save it to your own comp & host it yourself, perhaps?

    Please & thanks.
  8. Did that.
  9. Okey-doke.

    Then I'll.. un-host it. o_o

    Thanks. :3

    EDIT: & Fey'yore, I'll look into it. I was more inclined to draw Attrius because it was a previous request, so.. I dunno. It depends on what else may come up.
  10. I'm not exactly sure whether or not you'd be able to, but I found a few things that could use tweakings on the image. That is, if you have the time, generosity, and will to. I'd truly appreciate it.

    one. His teeth don't protrude from his mouth.
    two. His hair and bangs are longer.
    three. His face looks sort of... craggy.
    four. And his eyes could be a wee bit bigger.
  11. I can fix that for you. I wasn't too sure about the teeth, since I think you mention in his profile that they're long, but.. yeah. I'll fix it all up in a little bit~
  12. How about Ygeusa? Could you do him? :D
  13. Certainly~

    But it may take a while. xD

    I'll add you to the list.
  14. i dont mind if you do it or not just would be nice tis all
  15. Beastie, dearheart, do you want to do an art trade? I want a picture of Gabe. :P
  16. I want to draw Gabe. xD A trade would be wonderful.

    In case you'd like to see a more recent example of my artz skillz, check Khodan's profile. I redid his av & stuff, and there's a fullbody drawing under the misc. section.

    But I forgot Khodan's tattoos and totally rushed the coloring.. and the lineart.. and the sketching.. and pretty much everything. xD So it's really not the best example; just the most recent.
  17. I saw that. He looks awesomely sexy. :D <s>Gabe wants nothing more than to get into his pants.</s> Who do you want me to draw?
  18. XD! Poor naive Khodan. He may like superficial songs, but I'm not so sure about superficial relationships.

    Anyway, thanks. :3

    You could draw pretty much anyone you really want, but I'd love most art of Khodan or Ayres. Ayres is somuchfun to draw, in my opinion.
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