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Thread in 'General Chat' started by Beast, Apr 4, 2013.

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  1. Awrighty. Well. I just wanted to post this picture I drew of my latest pending character, Estull Dyma. So here it is.!</a>

    Requests are TOTALLY CLOSED. D:

  2. Ooh that's preeeeeeetty.*is amazed* It makes my art seem so bad. Oh well, could you do Rikash, I don't have a ref of him, but any try would be ok^^
  3. Why, thanks. :3 I'll do your request, but not now because I'm catching up on my roleplays on other sites. xD

    And your art isn't bad. :3 It's very cute.
  4. ah thak you^^ ok, I understand you can't start, no one can start right away^^(unless thier art program opens at that secondO_o)
  5. =D That's a very good piece of artwork that you have there (and much better than anything else that I'd be able to draw). Hmm... while you have requests open, do you mind if I ask for you to have an attempt at Kokuteju? :D I don't mind if it takes time. I'm not normally known for my patience, but I'll probably forget about it in the end. (Hee-hee. Naughty me. xD)
  6. Thanks. :D Sure thing - you've been added to the list.

    Mmkay, and I've decided to take five requests, total. :3 I'm gonna start on DarkRuby's request now.

    EDIT: EEP, wait! DarkRuby, your character has ears, right? (I read his profile description and didn't see anything about ears, though I might have just missed it.)
  7. he does have ears, kind of like a jackal's. I need to add that. O_o
  8. ooh, dats purdyful, *glomps it*
  9. OH >< I love how you draw, it's so nice =)
    Not to mention "clean" *has a thing for clean stuff x.X*
    I tried fixing up my pictures on the comp or draw em on the comp, but they never work for me. *sigh*
    So yep, anywho can you draw, Joo-Eun for me? =) Or Seung Jin, or Kael, your choice xD
  10. Mmkay, I guessed you've noticed that Rikash is done. xD Is everything okay about it? I'd be happy to edit it if anything is off. n_n

    Sinok and Kaida.Maria, I'm adding you guys to the list right now. :3

    And thanks. xD; (But the only reason I do the non-soft-edged lineart is because my art program's a moron and soft edge lineart doesn't work on it. >_>)
  11. JIN :heart:
    *Squeaks* Can't wait to see how all of these turn out =)
    What art program do you use? ^^; If you don't mind me asking,
  12. =3 Oh, that is pretty. :D You really do have some amazing work, Beast. Tee-hee. :D
  13. I use a really icky art program that I still haven't exactly figured out. xD; Well, okay, technically it's a photo editing program (not intended for art :P), and it's called PhotoImpact 10. And.. I started off with PhotoImpact 5, then jumped to 10 when I got it for my birthday in December. Word of advice: Don't skip four versions of something and expect to understand the latest model. It gives you headache. D:

    x3 And thanks again.

    I'm starting the next drawing now.
  14. Those are real purrrdiful. xD Quite Nicely done.

    And, if you're in the mood for requests... would you mind me asking if you could maybe have an attempt at my Pasakseba</a>?
  15. Ee! Thanks. :D

    Sure thing. :3

    I'm currently working on Kokuteju.

    By the way, REQUESTS ARE NOW CLOSED. :o
  16. Thank ye! ^_^

    Oh... is it okay that my character has no reference? xD
  17. <span style='color:orange'><span style='font-family:Courier'>OH...never mind. I guess I came a bit too late...</span></span>
  18. Requests are closed at the moment, sorry. Check back later. :3 I'll reopen requests in a little while (but probably not today).

    Kattius' picture is done. Something about it looks too cat-like to me, and coloring with such pale colors made my eyes go, "EEEEE." xD;

    Anyway, it's fine if there's no ref. :3 As long as you have a good description instead.
  19. :D Oh, that's veritly pretty. Thank 'ee. And I apologize for my colour schemes making your eyes go EEE. ^^;; =D Hee. It looks just like her, actually. n__n
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