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    Late Tessera
    With Ajita steeped in complete disarray and destruction, the Council of Thirteen (or at least the members that could be found and gathered) set up a temporary operations base on the eastern coast of Mansukh. It was there – strategically positioned between Ajita and the underwater metropolis Aurius – that they attempted to gain some semblance of control over the situation.

    It was also from here that Refsto Hydrus, the Councillor of Thaumaturgy and overall authority on Fronima, made his widely broadcast statement.

    "Fronima is in a state of extreme flux," he began. "I would like to stress that this is not a concept that we are unfamiliar with. Our technology is built to handle the every day magicka surges and general power fluctuation." Refsto's facial expression was tight with distraught.

    "It is with a heavy heart that I admit that we were unprepared for the fluctuation that would occur during this particular solar eclipse... nor were we – are we – prepared for its residual effects. While fluctuations are more likely to occur during a solar eclipse, we have never experienced one of this scale before.

    It has been decided that we are going to move forward with caution.

    As I speak, Aurius is undergoing the procedure of rising up to the surface. With its predominantly Fronima-powered shield technology, it has been deemed unsafe.

    I would like to urge everyone to exercise caution when dealing with magicka-powered devices. While it is still too early to know just what all the residual effects are, it is known that the potential for danger and accidental self-injury is exorbitantly high. Thank you."
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