Tessera 12, 81383

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    Late Tessera
    Tessera 12, 81383. It was a date destined to be a historical one. Xabu, Cussla, and Lelres — normally simple moons, orbiting smoothly around Ramath-lehi — were now rocketing satellites of impending death and destruction.

    A total solar eclipse is a spectacular natural phenomenon and many people travel to remote locations just to observe one. Due to having multiple moons, Ramath-lehi was no stranger to solar eclipses, as both Xabu and Cussla had enough mass to block out the sun. The planet was guaranteed to have a solar eclipse of some sort at least once every four to seven quarters.

    Then what made this one different? Lelres. The broken and gibbled moon with its sporadic orbit. Being the smallest of the three moons, it was often overlooked and neglected. Now Lelres had everyone's full attention as it moved into alignment behind its sisters. Southern Watani had been predicted as the best location to view this rarity, and it was there that masses of people flocked and set up make-shift camps.

    It was laipui, the second day of the week, at precisely 13:04 when the moons slid into alignment. As thick shadows blanketed the lands, the populace took in a collective breath and held it.

    And then there was total darkness.

    "The Nothing..." they whispered in quiet horror amongst themselves.

    Complete totality lasted for 7 long mosas and 31 taks. As the moons continued along on their separate paths, they began to slowly break apart the darkness. As if to punctuate this parting, there was a brilliant flash of crimson from the skies that basked Ramath-lehi in its foreboding infernal light.

    Horrified screams rose up from the planet and riots broke out. This had been foretold. It really was the end.

    What happened next had not been predicted by the doomsayers and the seers.

    The crimson light began to pulse, growing first dark, then bright. It pulsed rhythmically like a heartbeat.

    "It's alive... Oh vaak, it's alive."
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