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    Look at all them T's!

    I have been going through a LOT of wiki pages and info pages to get myself all caught up and to help me properly recreate a character. Every now and then i come across something i am unsure about. I am just going to post a list here instead of spamming the board with a new thread each time. Hopefully to get feedback and to help expand some wiki pages :rainbowheart:



    -Would be nice to have the lexicon words link back to related pages. (example: Niotie/Thill/Arden etc would have a link back to the age section on the creation guide so that people can reference when a 'dragon is considered what. It is otherwise hard to find as it isn't stated on the main lexicon page or the expanded page. Some of the others like mins/hrs/days/week words could link back to the calendar page for reference) (I would be happy to do some of this! I just didn't want to go in and do it without permission. I think it would be helpful to those getting to know this vast world if some of the lexicon was cross linked. Thoughts?)

    -Realized that there is no birthday section on the profile pages.


    Possible Clarification Needed:

    -Are there tests to advance to the next level of a trade or does it ONLY correspond to the age entirely and on a pendragons birthday they are considered the next level? Would it be like how there are elementary schools, middle schools and high schools on earth? With most students graduate around the same age, within a year or so of the intended age, and then they advance to the next stage of schooling?

    -Character Genealogy: Was trying to figure out how to add Temrin to a family page in the genealogy section. Noticed that linked characters on previously established family pages had a wiki page and when you view the wiki code (clicking edit) it gives you character info to fill in. When i clicked on temrin's profile to "view the wiki page" it gave me an error saying there was no text on the page so i clicked to edit the page to add her properly. It didnt have the character options i was shown when i viewed the wiki source from previously established characters so i was confused. (There is a page for her already too, which is also confusing )

    **Created genealogy page for the Sanjem family. It doesn't show up on the genealogy page. Created the proper character profile for Temrin and added her to the Sanjem page. Doesnt show up on the sanje page, sanjem still on on Genealogy page. Unsure if there is a wait for approval.

    I then realized that if you go to the character wiki page from the profile ( ) that you can create the character properly there. The "edit this page" when it says there i no text on Temrin page just goes to edit that page, not to the proper create a character page on the wiki. Very confusing. (Also, the tutorial on how to do the family chart, says you can view an "art mode" that is easier to write/understand but there is no option to do this when you edit the page to add the chart.)
  2. Lexicon

    I want to potentially have hover definition links in the forum for words that are listed in the glossary/lexicon. I want to move them out of the wiki altogether, because the wiki is a bit of a mess.


    Trades don't really have set real world/earth equivalents, however there is some more information about them in the Character Creation Guide. Generally though they follow a character's age, pretty similar to how we do on earth.
    1. Basic = Elementary school
    2. Apprentice = High school
    3. Journeyman = Completed schooling
    4. Master = Went above and beyond

    Wiki pages that pull in lists of other pages are heavily cached, so results may not show up properly for about an hour. I had a look and it appears as though everything is there. :)

    Character Wiki Pages

    They are very, very loosely tied to character profiles. Only a very small percentage of people actually use them. I have more of an interest in putting only NPC/pop culture/historical figures into the wiki than actual playable characters. So there hasn't really been a need for tight coupling of roleplayed characters.

    I also haven't used the family tree stuff in... potentially years now, so I'd have to have another look at that.
  3. Lexicon: Oh! Thatd be nice!

    Trades: Ah okay! Neat. :3 I figured thatd be the closest representative for them but wasn't sure!

    Genaelogy: Aaaah okay. Yeah i see it there now :3 Wasn't sure what was up since i could visit the page but it didnt show on the lists.

    Char Wiki Pages: The only reason i didnt use them before was because i wasn't really sure how it all worked exactly. I have done some wiki page editing on like wikifur and whatnot but this seems quite a bit different so i didnt want to mess around in case i messed it up. xD

    As for the family tree, it is soooooooo confusing. To me at least. I was trying to figure out how to get it all lined up properly but i think i would need to make myself an actual visual for the whole thing instead of doing it by just looking at the guide. XD Be easier tofigure out what goes where that way i think. But yeah, the art mode option doesnt show up on when editing the page so i wasn't sure how to do that. But i will just refrain from using it : )
  4. I needed something 'different' to work on yesterday during some down time. So i whipped these up. Obviously, they don't have to be used on the site or anything. It was just for fun for me : )

    Totobenki Crystal and a Fronimium Pendant

    RaL-TotobenkiCrystal.png RaL-Fronimium.png

  5. Ahh! Those are so adorable @Temrin!
  6. I am glad you like em! :D I have a few more sketched and will probably finish em in a while~ ^_^
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  7. semi help desk related buuuuut didnt want to create spaaaam - I vaguely recall at some point, there being a link/button to view the recent unread posts but now i cannot seem to find anything of the sort. Do we have one? Maybe i have my forums mixed up?

  8. Jolacom collar and shackles. :3

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  9. @Temrin Hover over "Play" and click on the "New Posts" link. :)

    Eee, those are so awesome. Although totally threw my mind in the gutter and now I'm wondering if there are potentially also kinks based around Jolacom restraints. Who am I kidding, it's probably a thing.
  10. @Iversia how did i not see that?! XD

    Oh you know it'd totally be a thing. Ahaha ;P *mind thoroughly in the gutter* XD
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  11. Aaaand a Fasgoth wine glass~ :3 @Iversia

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  12. Gah, you keep bring all of my random words to life. :rainbowheart: :rainbowheart: Would you mind if I added them to the wiki, and maybe the PDF download when I get all that information together?

    !tip @Temrin 10
  13. Tip: Iversia gave @Temrin 10 Glims

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  14. Go for it! Feel free to use them wherever you would like. :)

    Aww~ Thanks for the tip :3 (Those functions are so cool!!!)

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