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  1. [h2]Defendant deemed medically unfit to attend his own preliminary hearing[/h2]

    Heading the formal inquest into the murders topping press releases, Master Vori'ba Vexis (86) personally arrested the Khell Har'a'ba of Aurius yesterday, who is believed to be the mastermind behind the aforementioned murders.

    In a strange twist of fate, an independant and impartial doctor from the Sagar Sea region has deemed Hara'ba to be "unfit to attend his own preliminary hearing", said to take place within 3 hours of this publication at the Chafuo Department of Justice's Head Quarters, attended by all members of the CDJ, Hara'ba and his only nioti, Ceri Har'a - a Journeyman Lukuo studying law at the Janardan Academy.

    Ceri Har'a's Thill'sla, Leryn (22), had been taking care of her Arden'sla's only parent, before Dr. Son'r S11 demanded the unwell Khell be admitted to an undisclosed hospital in Chafuo, mostly for his own safety given the allegations surrounding him and the approval for the CDJ and their arrest.

    The hearing is still set to take place; the CDJ are unhappy about the Khell being in hospital, and have said, "...he will attend."

    This confident remark has brought about a much more defensive spokesdragon from the Watani Police Department. Ahead of schedule - half an hour ahead - Oran Cipher says he, and his unit, is much closer to determining who is behind the murders.

    Before Detective Cipher could tell us much more, he was urgently called back to his office.

    We have discovered that there has been a sixth murder in the area of Swaraj. We will update this article once solid evidence faces us. It is being urged that all Students near and around the immediate vacinity of the Janardan Academy are to stay in their dormitories or with nearby friends. A 1 mile perimeter radiating from the Academy is currently under investigation and it is believed that the culprit was spotted and has not yet left the area.
  2. oh ho... huh, that might be interesting...
  3. <span style='color:red'>Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! :P Write more!</span>
  4. A Khell did it? Whew...

    wait... MY BABIES! :___:
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