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Thread in 'General Chat' started by Lycanshero, Apr 4, 2013.

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  1. *His eyes look left*
  2. Yay thanks. Oh and sorry about the unforewarned absence college literally rugby tackled me with work (head still hurts). anyways I is back ta normality <span style='font-size:8pt;line-height:100%'>mostly</span>. Heh cheers for that pic i shall give you something in return for xmas. *Stomps away cackling*
  3. UUUUU... I can't wait... --.--
  4. PUPPY!!!! I love your dog. He's so cute...even cuter than mine!!! :D
  5. LOL! Glad you like mate, by the way it's a she... hehe
  6. She, sorry. Still! I WANT THE PUPPY!!! Adorable...*dog fanatic* hehe.
  7. Glad you like her, but no... she's my dog and will be mine forever... well not forever, but still...
  8. No, forever!! She'll always be yours. :)
  9. It's been a while since being here, but yeah... If you lot would like to see me gallery on deviant art, be free to do so... hehe

    Well, enjoy or not... I'm an artist at heart and nothing will change that...</a>

    Well tell what you think... either here for those of both have or no accounts on deviant art or comment there for those who have accounts, up to you... I'm tired, good night... hehe
  10. I hate to double post, but haven't had any replies here some time. Anyways, I've got some time to spare on handling art again, so who were those who wanted me to attempt to draw their character?

    oh, and want to show off my new edition of Averin:</a>

    I'll make a list of which characters people want me to draw. enjoy.
  11. He um Baal would be nice lol, and if you have time Garrett ^^
  12. I'd love one of Tira and Shadow, or Tira and Dumu ^_^

    i'll do you a trade ^_^
  13. Ok. Anyone else who wants me to draw their character?

    1. Fey'yore: Baal and Garrett
    2. Morichai: Tira and Shadow
  14. Thankies ^^ lol

    plus i havent one pic of baal lol ^^
  15. OK, will get started, but others can join, if they want to. If you want me to draw one or two of your character, just tell me in this post, I'm nice and won't bite.
  16. Lol thankies ^^ they look good ^^
  17. Can you do Alamu for me? Pretty please? *puppy dog eyes* :D
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