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Thread in 'General Chat' started by Lycanshero, Apr 4, 2013.

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  1. Cool. looks good.
  2. That's cool. *envies drawing* wish I could do something like that.
  3. That's nice. I like the wings.
  4. Thank you. Thank you. I have 3 free spots for drawings...

    1. Fey'yore: Baal

    2. Jynx: Alamu


    More spots will open in time. (Sorry, about the amount... I have a high demand for drawings right now for school, friends, and others...) Oh, if any questions, please ask away... :)
  5. Since one of your characters are always running into him, could you do Baal.
  6. could you do Alamu for me? Please?
  7. Well, now... I have about 11 spots open for drawings

    1.Grivonsfrara: Sarunus

    If interested, Please give me shout... --.--
  8. Cool. the expression is good.

    Um is his tail short, or just mostly hidden.

    Anyway it looks good to me. lol.
  9. The tail is just mostly hidden. Any more questions... :)
  10. Well if u can do 2 characters together, can u do William Gojgla and Hrekwe Moigha together.
    but if u can't, just do William behind his drums
  11. I'll add it to the list, but I have a lot of things to do.
    I'll try with both characters together.
  12. ty. You'll might have to look at both there profiles
  13. No problem. And I will look at the profiles, maybe I can get some of my characters to rp with them.
  14. Mabye *grabs Lycanscar's shoulders* but beware young one THERE HOMOS
    but they're seeing each other for ohh a year
  15. Yes, I'm aware of them being homo... anyways, this is not the topic to talk about... This is my Art Wall... (I think, I need to find those pictures and put them on...)
  16. what do u mean?????????????????????????????????????
  17. Nevermind, I'll just continue making this my art wall....
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