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Thread in 'Expressions' started by Skylink, Apr 4, 2013.

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  1. Well, I guess it's about time I opened a Portfolio page. This is going to be a fairly small portfolio as I've just gotten this program yesterday (2/8/07). Still, it seems to be one of the easiest 3D Graphics programs I've ever used. It's going to be a while until I can make a huge landscape-ish world, but with a lot more practice, I won't be far from making Magi Lake.

    I think it's best to restrict these pictures down to Clickable Thumbnail size now.

    2/10/07: Roughlands.


    Testing how objects work and also the animation scheme. After wetting my feet and creating terrain and "Object Dropping", this was created.
    Photoshop converted bmp to jpeg with near lossless compression. This really makes me want to watch The Lion King or something

    2/10/07: Island[​IMG]</a>

    Here's my little experiment with the water function. I feel dazed by the sun's reflection in the water when I look at this. One thing I need to work on is terrain. The one thing I didn't like about this picture was how repetitive the Wavy sand looked. Perhaps I could find a way to make it less wavy as it gets to the center next time. Then again, I could just make some new terrain.

    Hey, any suggestions for what I should try out next?

    2/10/07: Space Tree[​IMG]</a>

    A new frontier indeed! Here we are on.. a planet. Watching the sun, Uranus, and is that the Earth?! O= Playing with planets was the objective of this one. Also, learned a bit about customizing atmospheres. I think I'll try civilized places after a few more random terrain.

    That is so cool.

    What program is it, exactly? CG art looks like so much fun; I'm jealous.

    Anyway, congrats on getting the program, and nice first pieces. :3 It does remind me a lot of the Lion King, what with the quasi-umbrella thorn acacia-like trees and all. The sun on the leaves is lovely.
  3. I second that. The pictures are so great I can see the refresh rate on my monitor oO' That doesn't even happen in games, so mucho kudos for great presentation.

    I notice there are three areas of tearing in the texture mapping and wire-meshes in the first one. I'm guessing it may be because you pulled the terrain up too far and may also be because you were working on a respectively small stage? Despite that though, they are great. I'm interested to know too what program it is you used (:
  4. I agree with those two, those pictures look very good. Whatever you did, you did it well.
  5. =P Awesome. Well, the program is called Vue 5 Easel. It's used mainly for creating 3D Worlds and stuff like that. It's relatively cheap for programs of its type ($100. Photoshop is like 4x that). It compliments great with other 3d programs like Poser (which I'm also planning on getting). It's also extremely simple to use. The tutorial shows you enough to get all the basics going. It's kinda like 3d Clip Art.

    And, it's not really a "small stage". The realm in itself is infinite. I did, however, focus it on the one part that I worked on.
  6. That's really cool :D

    I played around with a 3D program once, but all I made was a sphere, so I'm amazed when ever I see someone else's work.

    How long did it take you to make?
  7. lol, not long. The only thing that really takes long about it for me is thinking WHere I should put an object, and how do I get the object at this exact point (like the tree standing on the top of the hill, that was kinda hard until I found out how to lock XYZ coordinates) other than that, everything's pretty easy. I just finished making an island. I'm gonna upload that one soon.
  8. Wow, great stuff. :D
    I second the motion about the leaves. ^_^
  9. Island added. Now, I need a suggestion for what to do next. =]
  10. Do some places from RaL.
  11. Thats pretty awesome Skylink! Cant wait to see when you try magi lake. ^^ We could use them as maps lol. ^^ But then again. if we used them as official maps, we'd have to go by it. Lol. I think everyone likes the way they see the land in their minds eye. Keep the maps basic, and everyone can go nuts with the creativeness. Lol off topic now. XD

    But great job!
  12. I don't want to put presets in your mind now do I? =P. Whatever I make is never definite. Just an interpretation in my mind. A And as much as I'd love to do a place in RaL now, there's no way I'd be able to finish it any time soon. I'd probably end up doing the NRF area first. That's simple enough. A huge building in the middle of a snowy area. But for now, simple suggestions please :)
  13. I think you should construct Ajita (: Maybe not necessarily the council building, but the floating land itself. Or you could go one step further and try and represent the Machina Ruins in terms of layout and foliage as you've done up there.

    If it were me, I'd set aside several months and tackle Vivuli as I see it in my head (: But knowing me, I'd end up animating everything and eventually turning it into a company saying, "Hire me?" :P Good luck! XD
  14. Pretty awesome stuff. ^_^ I'm just not a huge fan of the lens flares. They still seem rather unnatural (probably because of the sparse texturing), but for just having picked up the program &mdash; damn cool. :P
  15. the compression and decompression and the wild "woo" of putting the whole website together made me not have enough time to make the video get really good quality when uploaded online. With all the excuses aside, my group's web design contest entry has been finished. With the opening video being made through a collaboration of Vue 5 Easel and Adobe Premiere Pro. in Space</a>
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