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  1. I kept one of these many moons ago. Actually, for nostalgia, let's dig up some old logs for fun. I like to think that my anxiety brain shines through them.

    • HTML without doHTML
    • Infinite subforums
    • Member Awards
    • Shoutbox
    • Quick-edit member from Topic View
    • Edit member title via ModCP
    • HTML in member titles
    • Group highlighting extended to Topic View
    • Character list popup (should I keep this, or get rid of it since characters are already listed in the profiles?)
    • IPB-SDK
    • Read/View permissions added to topics
    • Forum permissions legend
    • Admin PM Logs
    • FAQ
    • WWO
    • Better pinned topic indicator
    • Quick PM reply
    • Custom BBCode things... OOC, center, etc.
    • Forum made able to parse PHP includes.
    • Glossary (going to be removing this, it's useless)
    • Site locations added to online list
    • Lots of custom skin edits. x_x
    • Many custom profile fields added, name occupation, iMood
    • Staff page
    • GM staff application/send to forum
    • Member's only area (Being removed I think...)
    • Character creation/editing pages (to be completely changed)
    • Wiki added for compendium... still not sure if we're going to use this. I don't really like how it parses information.
    • Debugger added
    • Auto-PM user if their character has been accepted or rejected
    • Lots and lots of other stuff I know I'm forgetting...
    May... something or other
    • Forum reverted back to "default" skin. Makes for much easier editing.
    • Shoutbox data flushed and scrubbed out. Still debating whether or not I'm going to get rid of the Shoutbox altogether.
    • Forums scrubbed and ~1000messages erased. Boards reordered and split into Hemispheres.
    • JS mouseover navigation links added to Logged in as bar.
    • Joining Quiz added to new forum account creation page. So everyone that registers an account from now on has to score perfect on it.
    • New accounts for users under the age of 13 have been completely disabled.
    • Beginning to integrate editing of characters into UserCP.
    • Member profiles re-coded.
    • Edits made to Who's Online list so that all GDs can see IP addresses.
    • Similar edits made to hide GD IP addresses on Topic view.
    • Member's last activity time/date added to Profile
    May 27-28th
    • Character editing page almost done. Just need it to pass the variables safely and do error checks.
    • Force guest posters to enter a name
    • Character editing now works. Just need to run a few more error checks.
    • Error checking for character editing works
    • New character creation page almost done. Submission process being worked on & error checking now.
    • Character creation page now works.
    • Links to Manage and Create characters added in UserCP.
    May 29th
    • AGMs added to staff member page
    • Staff bio made editable in UserCP for AGMs
    • Character deletion being worked on
    • Character count added to new Manage characters page
    • Character limit added (settable per member). New character creation page is disabled if member has over their character limit.
    May 30th
    • JS menu updated
    • Error functions added to character management pages
    • Lots of website links updated to reflect all of these new changes
    • Translator popup link added. I was missing that thing.
    • Character Accept/Reject PM notices updated with new links.
    • Limit of 10 characters per person put in place
    May 31st - June 1st
    • I think I have all of the FAQ questions updated with the new links.
    • Small editing character error fixed
    • Character deletion added
    June 2nd
    • Break day. Rar.
    June 3rd
    • Chat edited a bit - guests shouldn't be able to login now.
    • Wrote out all of the chat commands. *thinks it's really stupid how she had to dig them all up*
    • Wrote up my own "how many members" in chat script.
    • Chat page made & link added
    June 4th
    • Few things fixed in the chat regarding the formatting of the users online Board leaders page edited to include avatars, staff bio and things. Still going to add member prefix and suffix to it.
    • Removed the Shoutbox
    June 5-6th
    • Added chat room
    • Several minor skin edits made. Starting to slowly work on the new layout.
    • Trying to write a CMS integration thing for the newest version of FlashChat. It's got several bug fixes... and will be a pain to upgrade, but eh.
    • Fixed "edit character" link in character profiles as it was linking to the old manage page.
    June 7th
    • Added reason for rejecion to rejected character editing page. "Character Critique"
    • Ability to change character's species added once more to the edit page.
    • Fixed manage character link on Member profiles as well. Eeeeearrrrrrghhhh! /endrandomnoise
    • Misc/other field added to character profiles and made editable. BBcode enabled. Fixed some other stuff in regards to showing/hiding profile content if empty. I'm hungry now.
  2. 2005 continued...

    June 11th
    • Still working on the layout thing.
    • Cleaned up a bunch of files and removed some things from the database that were just clutter.
    • Character status fixed in the create character page.
    June 15th, 2005
    • Removed a mod regarding permissions
    • Fixed (hopefully) all forums reply/start/view permissions via MySQL. For some reason the subforums don't "save" permissions when I edit them. :(
    • Yes, still working on the new layout. Chaos.
    • June something or other
    • Rewrote a lot of the character admin panel. Added an archives view to see how many characters get accepted each month.
    June 26th
    • A lot on the admin panel has been revamped
    • Staff activity page made
    • Skeleton of the new layout made. Navigation isn't cross-browser compatible though, so that needs to be worked on.
    June 29-30th
    • Staff revamped
    • Rewrote, deleted, and recoded a bunch of staff related pages.
    • Finally got a special more "dynamic" include wrapper to parse correctly without losing or nulling my variables. This = even cooler new layout. ^^
    July 3-4
    • After much tweaking, most of the new layout has been uploaded. I actually had to gut parts of the forum in order to make it work. Eek.
    • Lots, and lots of info pages edited. I probably missed a few... the most important ones have been converted though.
    July 6th
    • Added a staff menu box to the sidebar. What links show up depend on what staff group you're in.
    • Fixed admin settings to reflect the new usergroups in the chat room.
    • Does anyone even read this thing anymore?
    • Added some forum images. I still don't like some of them.
    • Edited a few more pages to use the new layout includes.
    • Nosed around at some of our affiliated sites. I'm thinking about dropping some of them.
    July 8-9th
    • Trimmed affiliates page.
    • Fixed the IE-only CSS bug.
    • Added deviantArt member page.
    • Updated Downloads page with links to VonCreme's songs, and the Ramathian font thus far.
    • Created BBCode for quick linking character profiles. I still need to figure out how to get it to unconvert when a person is editing a post though. Right now it keeps confusing itself with the url BBCode tag.
    • Need a nap or something now... and I've become engrossed with S. King's novel "The Stand" again. Gonna scribble up some more graphic things later tonight.
    July 12
    • Colouration on persona pages fixed
    July 15th
    • Added charmax/chartotal to member edit page in AdminCP, as well as a few other custom fields that weren't previously there.
    • Still working on gunk. Dude, I really like this Redpyre person's characters.
    July 23rd 2005
    • Crap.. I forgot about this post again. I've been doing a bunch of little things lately.
    • New species database almost finished; flora/fauna still undergoing some tweaking. I need to go through and re-categorize all of the current submissions.. so that will probably take a while. ew.
    • Fixed a bug that was screwing up character's histories and the "other" field.
    • Wrote up some code so that admins can change character's names.
    • Re-coded a contact us form thingy that I think I'll put up later today.
    • There were some other things... but I can't remember them all. I'ma go draw now. GOODnight.
    July 24th
    • Wrote up an admin only species editing code.
    • Made it so that we can make some species restricted (eg. Aquabats & Ghosts for now)
    • Fixed some links.
    • Started working on the image part of the species database.
    • Flora/fauna stuff still being worked on.
    July 25-26th
    • Oooh... Jodie might be getting a laptop.
    • Anyway. Added the ability to include images in the species database. So it is completed. Woo. Pretty much.
    • Wrote up some code to easily transfer characters (that also auto-magically increases and decreases both users' character counts! Yay!)
    July 30th
    • Bwok, bwok. Jodie got a laptop. Ral files have finally all been transferred over, so now she's back to writing the flora/fauna database. She thinks that she's going to rewrite the entire thing from scratch because it's so gosh darn messy. So much tangle of code. I must have been on crack while writing it the first time... or maybe just really inexperienced. Yeah...
    • Added a thing to allow multi-deletion of posts. Quicker to clean up the custom title thread and whatnot now.
    August 2nd
    • Added some notices to the top of the page to help out Validating, Pending Members, and Lurkers.
    • Still working on the flora/fauna stuff.
    • Still not happy with the current layout. :[ Too bland. It needs some spicy meatballs. Mm, spicy meatballs. I like swedish meatballs better though, but I think they'd look queer on a web site.
    August 6-7
    • Added a few things to the sidebar
    • Created a trades page.
    • Linked up the Contact Us page, many pages and information still need to be updated in order to reflect that.
    • Most of the fauna re-structuring is done. Now it's the flora's turn, and then it'll be the submission process being working upon again.
    • Creating a new table for the flora/fauna biomes.
    • Fixed anonymous users being shown on sidebar online list
    August 13-14, 2005
    • Turned quick reply on all of the forums
    • Added IC/OOC news to the top of every page
    • Trying to figure out ideas for a new layout because this one has been pestering me.
    August 20-21-22
    • Created new Advisor member group
    • Added last activity date to memberlist
    • Added new BBCode for image alignment [imgright] & [imgleft]
    • Added BBCode for character profile linking, but it doesn't "un-parse" correctly yet because of the URL BBCode. Bummer.
    August 23-27
    • Fixed some permission errors regarding the Suggestion Box & Advisors
    • Added new emoticon things
    August 28-29
    • New layout.
    September 25-26th
    • Rewrote About Us page
    • Rewrote Character Registry & Search Results pages (still need to fix the search engine and make it faster)
    • CSS profile editing is working, but I'm still checking for bugs. It'd be nice to write a basic tutorial on it too before I release it.
    • Recoded some CSS and things on the Index page.
    • ..nng. oh how I've missed being able to edit things.
    • Rewrote character trades page. Fixed the graphics on there.
    • Rewrote parts of the species database. Removed the Kosa. They weren't "unique" enough.
    • Added more info about characters to profile lookups
    • Added a wanted character's page
    • Added RP quote of the day thing
    • Fixed a bug regarding single quotes in character's names *shakes a fist at Del* XD
    • Currently rewriting/reorganizing the New Player Guide
    • Made a few tweaks to the character profiles
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    • Discord chat integration implemented
    • Fixed bug regarding guest posts not having proper permissions on advertisement board
    • Start of potential new bestiary and eventual lorebook with
    • New WIP forum style created
    • Added pixel images to some boards
    • Discord API updates for character creation and buzz board implemented
    • Email notifications for profile posts enabled (can be turned off via email preferences)
    • Fixed bug with sidebar widgets not appearing
    • Sneakily resurrected some of the old In Character boards
    • Enabled user profile covers, just like Facebook. Awwyea.
    • Added hatchday notifications... because the world needs more love
    • A few old In Character boards have made a reappearance.
    • Upgraded Discord integration
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