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Thread in 'Game-Related' started by Chirou, May 27, 2008.

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  1. I'm just wondering if you can double-post and roleplay two characters.
    If you roleplay two characters, do they have to be in the same post or in separate post?
    And about double-posting, is it allowed?
  2. Yes you can, i know of a few people who have threads with themselves and their characters to develop them them in a specific way etc.

    I know Dumu here certainly has done that a while back, and ive been meaning todo it with two of mine.

    I'll try to find it and post it up, he writes lots though u_u :P

    So basically. If roleplaying with yourself you can double post etc, and have one post per charcter etc, these threads would be private to you and other players wouldn't be joining.

    However when roleplaying with other people you shouldn't double post Try to have both characters in the same post and just sepaarate the two bits of writing with a load of "..............." or hit enter a few times and <span style='color:green'>use a different text colour</span>, a good example of people using more than one character in a plot is Here: ... entry80254</a>

    I think JCC. Sieben and Dumu all used two characters ^_^
  3. If you roleplay with two or more characters they should be posted in the same post to separate of who's talking is either with different colors to let the person who you rping with that two different characters are talking. As for double post, I'm not sure, but I think it's not really allowed, but the administer will give you the full blown rules of this site.
  4. Looks like Mori's got the answer for you. :) Just to further clarify the double posting thing: if you're in a thread all by yourself, it's perfectly fine to do. It's just when you're in a thread with other people that it's considered to be poor etiquette.
  5. Oh. Okay.
    I'm also wondering.. Can you post in other topics with different characters?
    Like, pretend I have a character named Bob and another named Tom.
    If Bob is already roleplaying and if you want to go in another roleplay, are you only allowed to roleplay Tom in other roleplays? Well, of course, one can't be in to places. But I'm just wondering about that.
  6. Yep, you're allowed to do that. :) If you want to roleplay the same character in two or more different threads though, just make sure that all the threads that they're in have different timestamps.
  7. I also want my other question to be answered;
    Can you make a topic that's private only to yourself?
  8. Yes you can, other people can view it, but no-one will pop into it ^_^
  9. Well, no one should pop into it, provided you state clearly that your thread is private. But now and again you may find some new people looking for a thread eagerly. Nonetheless, if someone does happen to post on your private thread, just give the person a PM asking them to remove their post.
  10. OK. Thanks for all your help people.
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