Silence Broken in Sagar Sea

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  1. "The Watani police have been nothing short of unforthcoming..."

    "Mohir is a disgrace to the justice system and has failed in his public service duties..."

    "When Ramath-Lehi needs to know what's going on, it's kept in the dark. When the young - our young - are in immediate and increasing danger, they tell us nothing. How can we continue to trust them? Something must be done. We must know what's happening..."

    These are the latest claims and opinions stated and shared by the - now - vast majority of Apprentice to Journeyman residents. Across the board, there is an ever growing number of residents keeping their niotis and nioties out of school; some parents are even insisting their offspring are kept within school grounds for their protection. Statistics are showing that more security and body guards have been pushed through the system as a direct result of the latest murders.

    This news agency has taken it upon ourselves to employ our own private investigators. We have, therefore, gathered enough information in the last 5 days to say with certainty that the latest murder is connected with the previous ones: that of Kimera (of Casi), Daryn Kieber and now Mikaela Ari Yir.

    Interviewed at their home in Boreios Sudesha, parents of Mikaela Ari Yir - Professor Yir and Doctor Rubi - were both horrified to know that their noitie was seemingly caught up in the same circumstances as Daryn Kieber and Kimera.

    The police have seized a note linking the crimes. Just as in the other cases, found at the scene beside Mikaela's body was a message reading, "<i>Am I good enough?</i>", written in black ink. Our seven investigators are attempting to profile the killer (or killers) and have had little success thus far.

    In other news, a private sailing ship - estimated to be worth 3.3 million Khasi on the black market - was discovered today by nearby Aquabats as being immobile. When boarded and searched, the occupants were found to be murdered.

    The Chafuo Department for Justice - a secretly funded organization of Journeyman and Master ranked Yki Pendragons - has been notified and are officially staking their claim on this investigation. There has existed heated competition for accuracy and speed of investigations between the Watani police and the CDJ (whom are suggesting that this "killer" is an "inexperienced attention seeker", picking up "his" tactics and methods from "the back of cereal boxes").

    Clearly unconcerned, CDJ's approval rating is sky rocketing. At this time, we all need to know what we need to do to protect our offspring, as well as ourselves, as it turns out the occupants were both in their mid thirties.

    Connected to the deceased is Thill Ebon'ia, self-proclaimed inventor and musician. Ebon'ia claims to have sold the vessel to the deceased as a divorce settlement, but were in the process of arranging to re-marry.

    At this point we can't bring to you any solid facts about the recent murders, but our team is already suspecting that it's connected and fear that the killer(s) is becoming more inventive.

    If you feel your loved ones are at risk, please feel free to contact us on the number and address provided on the back page.
  2. But I can't see the back of the page D; Baaaaw.

    *rocks back and forth while hugging her knees*
  3. why is there no back page!


    i dun wannna get killed, or stuffed....
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