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  1. <font color='ECE5CE'>How old be your computers? Or what types? When was the last time you did a windows' update? ..... *flicks flashlight in face* Where were you three days ago at 2 pm? And what did you eat for supper exactly three years ago?? HUH?! ANSWER MEEEEEE! [​IMG]  [​IMG]


    'Cause how I got them in the first place is by opening up FrontPage and inserting symbols, which among the other generic webdings, are the male and female symbols. Which in fonts like the Microsoft fonts (Times New Roman, Verdana, Arial, Tahoma, etc) they include every symbol.

    So maybe you guys do have an ancient form of the fonts? O_o;  Could be your browser, too. If that'd not the most recent it can be, or it's not IE, that'll be a possible source of the problem. ^^</font>
  2. <font color='#FFFFFF'>Also, if you have Windows XP you can see a whole sheet of all the little symbols and special characters by going to start/programs/accessories/system tools/character map. *nodnod*</font>
  3. <font color='#F8F8FF'>*Nudges Jodie and points towards character list* lol.</font>
  4. <font color='#000000'>Mine's Mac OS X. The problem is, I can see everbody elses, but when I update my own they turn out as question marks. When I paste them into the textbox they still look how they should. =|</font>
  5. <font color='#000080'>Well, I'm still operating on Windows 98, my computer is about four years old.. and no such gender symbols show up on the Verdana character map that I have. ^^;; I probably just need an update.

    And to get the symbols to show up, you probably need to type in the long form of the character I believe.. I'm not sure though. (Starting with an ampersand and ending with a semicolon.)

    <xmp>♀ & ♂</xmp>

    *tacklsnugs Kattle's characters!*</font>
  6. <font color='#F8F8FF'>Ehhe... I need to think up some sort of plot or something for all of them. Like some big plot involving them and... a few others...? I just think that I, and we all?, could use some excitement. And everybody knows Draggie will bring excitement... lol. Or maybe they don't know — yet! They will soon! Oo;

    Hm. I can just see them all packing at their little NeoHome. Draggie putting his <s>leopard thong</s> PINK BOXERS in his PINK Barbie backpack... Elli' sneaking in a six-pack... TD panicking and trying to find a bunny-sitter for Lady Blanche... Reese being wheeled around in a wagon behind Elli' [seeing as Reese is... comatose... still!]... and Ty huddling in the corner in her own puddle of urine, her eye twitching at the thought of riding a BIG BAD SPACE SHIP!!! *Cracks self up*

  7. <font color='#000000'>Thanks Jodie, it worked. I was trying to find those ASCII codes, but no luck. ^_^</font>
  8. <font color='#810541'>Okkie, you make me smile.

    J'aime les neveaux colours, Spectra. Tres bien.</font>
  9. <font color='#000080'>Yes.. about the gray, don't get too attached to it. ^^;</font>
  10. <font color='#000080'>Yeah, I'm not a fan of the gray. O.o Sorry. It just only matches... navy blue.</font>
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