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  1. <font color='#FFFFFF'>Just a note, things are going to be a *little* messy these next few days. Sorry about that. ^^'</font>
  2. <font color='698AAB'>*cackles* Messyness! *hangs big 'under construction' sign at the very top*  [​IMG]</font>
  3. <font color='#EE9A4D'>The forum headings.. *gasp* change colours!

    EDIT — and my sig looks so much nicer with this background. [​IMG]</font>
  4. <font color='#F8F8FF'>Mine doesn't. xD;</font>
  5. <font color='#A4D9EB'>Woo. This'll take a while to get used to. The smilies stand out nicely, though. ^^;</font>
  6. <font color='698AAB'>*kicks her font* Can anybody change their font color in the control panel? I want to change it to a light peach type color (see new sig for what I mean) but it's being stubborn and won't let me.. ^^;</font>
  7. <font color='#F8F8FF'>Nothing in my control panel has been working since last night. oO;</font>
  8. <font color='698AAB'>Hmmm... *double shifty eyes* ....

    *goes to fiddle some more with her control panel*</font>
  9. <font color='#F8F8FF'>*Super extra special shifty© eyes*</font>
  10. <font color='#A4D9EB'>Works for me. I don't know what colour my font should be. [​IMG]</font>
  11. <font color='#FFFFFF'>Sounds like I may have broken something..? I'll check over my code. It happens. Ehhe.</font>
  12. <font color='#EE9A4D'>If it matters, my Control Panel works. [​IMG] Though I run on a Mac..</font>
  13. <font color='#F8F8FF'>*Smokes a doobie...?*

    Ah, and yeah... whenever I go to edit my name on my profile, everything seems normal, but then I check my profile, and nothing's changed.

    Gwak... little boys on PlayStations drive me NUTS. ›‹</font>
  14. <font color='#FFFFFF'>Hm.. Everything works fine for me as well. The only thing that shouldn't work is that extra characters field that I put in. It's not set up right. But everything else seems to be saving fine for me. Maybe try logging out and then back in..?</font>
  15. <font color='#F8F8FF'>Didn't work. >.O;</font>
  16. <font color='#A4D9EB'>Uh oh. Same here, can't change my font colour or edit the signature...
    Just so you know. I'm not in a hurry for anything. [​IMG]</font>
  17. <font color='#FFFFFF'>Well.. I set it all back to default. If it doesn't work now, I'm going to have to do some extra digging. ^^'</font>
  18. <font color='#F8F8FF'>And... it still doesn't work. *Stabs CP with a Barbie pencil*</font>
  19. <font color='698AAB'>*beats it with her my little ponys* Nup. Not working for me, either... ^^;;

    Now, I'm having a serious brain fart right now (seriously, I'm supposed to be doing math homework which must be turned in tomorrow, and I fell asleep mid-problem... is that a good sign..? [​IMG]  )  but XII and I both have massive post numbers. Would that have anything to do with it?

    Why I'm suggesting that is I remember the board freaks out when something is undefined: like when a new profile's Level or EXP or something set to 0.

    Another thing, is maybe it's only effecting certain member groups?

    Final idea: our personal user names; maybe it's only effecting certain user names that start with specific letters?

    Like I said, none may even be plausible, I'm just having a huge brain fart.. I'm off to go drool on my math homework again... [​IMG]</font>
  20. <font color='#FFFFFF'>in the control pannel, can you do custom font colors? or can you only use whats there?</font>
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