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  1. So years and years ago there was talk of making a Shadowlack RPG that never got past the pixel character stage. Starting in December or January I'm hoping to either teach myself how to make games or to be part of a local video game incubator for women in Montreal.

    Why I'm posting about it here for is that I would really love to make a Shadowlack themed game :3 But, the catch is that the world is so big I don't even know where to start. A full out RPG could be complicated but I guess I could keep it small scale. But what I want from you guys are any sort of different game types you think could fit.

    Space is an option. Have Ramathian ships go out and explore the universe, pick up signs of Rapine and such. Maybe a text based adventure of some sort. A game where you play as every different species in a different environment. A puzzler would be fun but I'm not sure I have the creativity to build puzzles. Fronima would have fun puzzel opportunities. I guess I'm looking for really small scale things but I'm having a hard time trying to choose something to focus on.

    There are so many new cool games styles out there I would love to hear your guises thoughts on ones that would be suitable to Shadowlack. Or if there's anything that you think would just be cool in general? Any thoughts on this would be super appreciated!
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  2. I think that would be totally awesome. But... yes, I'd also have no idea where to start. Haha. These are going to be all over the place, and some are more passive than outright hack & slash action.
    • "A day in the life of..." Pick some creature and live out their life/try to survive
    • Tower Defence is always a fun fallback. Defend a planet from the Rapine. :P
    • Collect magicka, be it as a tree reaching roots right into Fronima, or through some other means
    • Repair space stations, or underwater facilities
    • Make your way into the top tiers of the Ramathian government >:]
    • Act as a virus that is trying to cut the populace from its Fronima connection, making everyone a nullfire
    • Visit all of the Anubi temples
    • Survive as an Aquabat pack
    I'd be willing to lend a hand with graphics and/or writing too. I've been meaning to do some little games for Shadowlack for quite some time.
  3. Question, is it known what program/method of creation will be used? Cuz I know there are game programs like GameMaker, and you can make good 2D games in Flash, and the Unreal Development Kit is awesome and free, so is Unity. UDK and Unity are 3D software but you can make awesome 2.5D games in them. But was there somethin' else you had in mind?

    I would be willing to help also. Maybe with programming and asset creation or somethin. Although my life is going to be very hectic for the next three-ish months as I have much works ahead of me for school. But this sounds fantastically fun.

    As for suggestions, I'm terrible with themes. Maybe some sort of short action platformer. With some uber vigilante pendragon that does awesome magicy fronima moves. I dunno.
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    I think it'd be awesome to do something with the Unreal engine. So awesome. GameMaker looks interesting too. I'd probably sooner write a game in HTML5+JavaScript than Flash though, just for the extra portability. Even though there are some amazing Flash games out there.

    I'm going to have to look into all of the engines again. It's been a while!
  5. If I get accepted into the game making incubator they’re focusing on programs that help you make games without knowing how to code. So far they’ve mentioned;

    Construct 2

    I haven't even begun to look at them yet, and those engines look amazing. I can't believe that stuff is free. I did want to undertake this project in hoping to teach myself coding so I'm definitely not opposed to using ones where you code stuff!

    I also thought about a climbing the government ladder kind of game. You could go around collecting support points, have to choose between doing illegal things or honest things and then figure out if you've done enough to move to the next level. I want to spend the day coming up with ideas but ugh, two more week of school. I'm slowly leaning towards a more text-based adventure kind of thing if only because I feel like writing if more my strength then art/coding, but this were were we pool our strengths >:D

    Dungeon crawler where each dungeon is a different continent? It could be a fun way to teach people about the planet. So yeah, I'll also try to do some research into the software as well and maybe we can have a consensus about which one might be best.
  6. This sounds great! I have absolutely no experience when it comes to coding, but I'd be glad to lend my support in whatever way possible.

    I stumbled across this nifty Twine guide a while ago. Also, a post about a game made in RPG Maker (there's a link to the game as well so you can see what you can expect from something made with it).

    I'm nearly done with my exams, so from next week I should be able to be a bit more active here. Will see if I can come up with some ideas!
  7. I really liked that blog post, and now I have a new gamer blog to follow!

    The Twine guide may be my new best friend for a while so I don't have to keep finding the videos to remember the small features.

    A week and a little more of school things, then, freedom :D
  8. Ooo, those programs look spiffy.

    I actually love the idea of a text-based adventure game. It makes sense, us being a community of roleplayers and all. Plus, not stressful to play.
  9. Text-based would make the most sense to start off with! :) I like that.

    Gosh, that reminds me of when I used to do MU* roleplaying. There were (and still are) some really amazing ones out there.
  10. Don't know if this will help at all, but it's worth looking at even if just for that last image.
  11. This is still high on my priorities list! I'm just no longer pursuing a Shadowlack themed game at the moment but instead something a little less art demanding to get myself familiar with Stencyl. But I feel like I'm learning much~!

    I think it could be fun to have some sort of brain storming session for a text based game everyone can contribute too. Or it could even be like the threads in the Games forum where we take turns coming up with options then whoever posts next has to choose what's behind options 1 and 2.

    TheDoodAbides - I don't even want to know why that guy wants to make a game where you stand in front of a car and shoot at it xD
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