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  1. A long time ago I created a Shadowlack concept art book that was only shown to about 10-15 people as part of a mini-project. I didn't really consider it to have enough "good" content to show to the rest of the world and tossed it into the endless creative void.

    So in the spirit of that old project, I'm taking it and making it better. :) My goal is to ultimately have something that someone can read/look at within a 30-60 time span in order to learn the coolest things about the Shadowlack universe. I'm trying to include a little bit of everything (minus the scathes of scary information that is the flora/fauna section of the site). So far I've been finding rewriting the races to be the most difficult of all. I've known them for so long that they have actually become difficult to describe, and upon re-reading the current information that we have for races, well, I've realized that most contain a lot of superfluous fluff. D':

    Anyway, once I'm all done it'll be released for free download here in a couple ebook formats, as well as PDF. While I don't think there will be enough interest for a print version, it might be cool to look at a print on demand service. We'll see!

    In addition to re-writing, I'm also going to be doing some more new spot illustrations to drop into all of the text. All the excitement!
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