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    Early Dyo
    Shocking news coming from Ajita's mainland! On Early Dyo 38th, a young thill by the name of Okkatteiru Stormwing reportedly followed Koani Grader to an upper-class restaurant in the center of Ajita. She proceeded to enter the restaurant and savagely attack the Arch Magos' daughter, somehow overpowering both her and her three bodyguards. No fatalities have occurred, but one of the bodyguards suffered a severe wound to his wrist. Koani herself was severely injured, and was immediately taken to a nearby hospital facility.

    The reported cause of this attack was the arrest of Kakosenas Shriker, a thill whom Koani recently arrested and jailed under the pretense of being a serial murder. Ms. Stormwing's anger is said to have been over a lack of due process of law. She would make no further statements or comments.

    Zamfir Grader could not be reached for comment.

    In the meantime, a very astonishing bout of rallying has begun, stemming from Janardan. In defense of their friend, thousands of liberal students at the Academy have risen up for Ms. Stormwing's cause. They cite that the end justified the means, and that her move has brought public attention to a severely unjust case. Several law clubs based in the school will be representing Ms. Stormwing, as well as Ms. Shriker. Other supportive groups have also begun to rally in the greater parts of Swaraj.

    Support groups for Koani Grader have been sighted on Ajita.
  2. <span style='width:100%;font-weight:bold; font-size:10px'>Out of Character</span>
    <table class=ooc><tr><td>W00T! CIVIL UNREST! Riot! Riot! Riot! :D </td></tr></table>
  3. <span style='width:100%;font-weight:bold; font-size:10px'>Out of Character</span>
    <table class=ooc><tr><td>oooh... what about a little side plot from this...?</td></tr></table>
  4. Oooo I'm gonna have fun with this
  5. <h4>Out of Character</h4> Actually, I don't think any "civil unrest" would be very major. Most of the pro-Stormwing&Shriker protesting would take place at Janardan, with small pockets in Swaraj and roundabouts. Not a major hooj impact everywhere. Of course, everybody would have an opinion on the matter, I'm just saying that the entire world won't be in a total and chaotic uproar.
  6. -_-^ nuts... *creeps off shaking a fist* :D
  7. I still say that a side plot for the acadamy students would be kewl...
  8. <span style='width:100%;font-weight:bold; font-size:10px'>Out of Character</span>
    <table class=ooc><tr><td>*drools on dels head, nodding* <span style='color:yellow'>Me want plot! Me want plot! Me want plot!</span> Are my savage chants working? *nudges del to join*</td></tr></table>
  9. Out Of Character:
    Awe, this looks fun :evillaugh:
  10. WOOO!!!!



    But awww :(

    Poor Koani Grader =/
  11. In other news. Koani is a damn cool character. Just reading her profile makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside with spastic glee.
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