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Thread in 'Media Communication' started by Denizen, Nov 11, 2008.

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  1. The CDJ today issued their own informal statement at their headquarters in the heart of Chafuo.

    The dead found earlier this pui are confirmed as having been Thill Suju'Jai and Nokyln Krishna (of the Sea Islands). Suju'Jai, 33, and Nokyln, 31, are the latest victims of the string of murders around the world.

    Hauntingly, stuck inside the window frame of the couple's personal cabin of their 3.3 million Khasi sailing ship was the connecting message, "<i>Am I good enough?</i>". Written in calligraphic hand, it was an unusual find, but translated to the same message.

    The couple were skinned, their organs removed and their skeletons appear to have been cremated. Ashes were piled below the little - but frighteningly identifiable - remains of the couple. All that was left (before the CDJ removed them) was the soft skin layer below their pelts, suspended from ceiling hooks.

    Questions around the hooks initially lead to queries regarding the engineering skill of those involved, but was quickly denounced as the hooks were found to support a map of the world - printed on a large canvas.

    It is the darkest murder to date. The CDJ are said to be hot on the trail of a valuable lead and are now building up a good idea of who is behind it. A rumour from local Apprentice journalists is that the CDJ have a name of a potential informant, culprit or the whole group believed to be the source of all these murders.

    Anonymously, a Seer has contact this news agency and stated that the messages are anything but generic. Moreover, the "<i>intended reader of the messages is one in a significant public position.</i>"

    If you believe you may hold the key to this mystery, we would like to hear from you.
  2. Darkest murder yet? I fear it is only that, as 'yet' does not apply to the future.
  3. Gee, what kind of sick freak are we dealing with?
  4. It's a Jackal! It looks like a Jackal! Jackal? Jackal! It's a Jackal!
  5. Jodie... stop... you're scaring me... ;_;
  6. O_O boooyyyyy i want Metarist to kill this guy, but he's busy and i don't think he'll stand a chance. To the murderer: DARN YOU, YOU CREMATED IT UP!!! :fire:
  7. I'm taking that as a very creepy smile :S
  8. Oh? Don't you think that it all might come to an end with the next announcement?
  9. NEVAH!

    Not like it would leave RaL without any crazy killers walking around though :p
  10. sooner or later, this is going to plague one of our characters.... dum. dum. duuuum.
  11. *gasp* *faints onto the floor*
  12. ;______;

    Y'know, if you ever become a real killer, i'm moving to another country....

    Somewhere you'll never find me ;____;
  13. You'll be locked inside Dumu's travelling shed before you get out.

    The plane that you board will be empty and he will be the only one inside to meet you.
  14. Well... I was about to say "I wouldn't know where to start to pull these kinds of murders off", but I'd be wrong... But I don't have the mind set for sure - and <i>you</i> should know that =)
  15. teehee its disturbing but the mystery is entertaining. something to puzzle over. i wonder who's next
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