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  1. Ellos :P

    Does anyone want a thread with me? I don't mind which character :P x
  2. Sure you pick where
  3. Hello Mournbringer

    Your character isn't there? Are you sure it has been approved?
  4. yeah it is but it somehow got deleted but was approved before this little accident I've already done some posts one in the Calamarha Swamp and two others in the Black market under Bhim. Those will give you a small idea of how Mournbringer is.
  5. Erm... has this been checked with the mods? Cos technically you're not supposed to be posting? :S
  6. Well I've asked about having Mournbringer reaccepted so he's actually avaliable to be seen and recognized. I'm very new to this and no one has yet to get back to me. He was approved before but like I said I was checking my character out when I think I mistakenly deleted him. So I'm waiting to see what the mods say.
  7. There's really no way to retrieve him. :/ And - I believe that you can't begin roleplaying with him until you re-create his profile or make a new character. Sorry.
  8. I've rewrote the character. and hes waiting for approval so i'll hold off on what i've done until he's approved. I hope thats cool with you guys.
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