Players Wanted Reasons to roleplay at Shadowlack

Thread in 'Game-Related' started by shriker, Oct 3, 2013.

  1. Reply with your own reasons!
    • The entire Shadowlack universe is player-built. If you can dream it, it can happen.
    • There are no character applications or approval processes. Once your account passes our spam filter, you're free to create your own character and start roleplaying.
    • You can have multiple characters underneath one account. The first four are free, the rest will cost you Glims!
    • There is no word count minimum.
    • We welcome everyone, regardless of their writing ability or lack of familiarly with forum-based roleplaying.
    • We've been around for over a decade. o_O;
    • The people are awesome.
    • Write with people who inspire you
    • Watch your own skill level of writing improve while having fun
    • Strive to be at the top of the leaderboards
    • Have a pre-established world where you have the freedom to write any story you can dream-up
    • Get involved in running world shaping plots
    • Hang out with lovely creative people like yourself :rainbowheart:
    • A mostly personal reason but, Its where I have always role-played. And probably always will.
    • It holds up over time. You will love it as a kid, you will love it as an adult.
    • The versatility you have when creating a character's appearance and background.
    • The people are supportive and welcoming.
    • Despite the amount of content, it is not overwhelming.
    • Its easy to get involved!
  2. So many i already agree with that you guys have posted XD

    - My first post by post RP and it captured my heart.
    - Creating stories with other people is super fun!
    - The world is diverse and yet still very open to interpretation so we can let our creativity soar
    - All the people here are awesome and you always keep me coming back :3
    - I have made life-long friends here *even if we dont get to talk much since we are all so busy now*
    • Gender "ain't no thang"
    • Same-sex parents are able to have biological offspring
    • The setting is always getting more and more detailed and involved
    • You're free to make up and add those details!
    • It's kind of like a canvas in a way.
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