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Thread in 'Game-Related' started by Stormwing, Apr 4, 2013.

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  1. So do I. What's that thing about ghosts anyway? (In the character species)
  2. Well, a lot of the species information needs to be added to and revised. The ghosts are one of them. Along with the weredragons. Lots more needs to be rewritten and smoothed out. It's a bit of an ongoing process. At least the code to easily edit them works though. :P
  3. :P

    What's wrong with ghosts? I have a ghost in my closet :o
  4. *Realises It Affects Him* Wait... Uh Oh... Don't Tell Me, A Sudden An Unexpected Rule Change Is Going To Make "The Lost" Die, And Then The Continent Will Detach... And Then The World Will Fold In On Itself And The Entire Universe Will Implode... Dear God I Need Rest, I Solemnly Swear To Dissappear For A Few Days... Starting Now! Otherwise I Will Soon Go Insane. *Makes A Note Before He Goes* If Needed I Can Write Up Some Sort Of Description/Rule Something Or Other/History Whatever Thingy For "The Lost" Listing What They Need To Do And Such, The Ritual They Need To Perform To Take A New Host Every Few Months, And So On And So Forth.
  5. Um... pardon?
  6. Pre has a lot of ghost characters who are a part of The Lost and he is afraid to lose them because they are now restricted. Or at least I think thatÂ’s what he means.
  7. Yes.


    HE LOVES HIS GHOSTS! *begs Shriker*

    Don't take them away or all hell will break lose :P
  8. *Blinks rapidly*

    We need to stop spouting gibberish and keep comments at least mostly related to the topics at hand... yeah...
  9. Yeah, What She Said... Never Mind, My Brain Hurts, I'm Going To Sleep, For Like Several Days, I Dun Wan My Chars To Die. The End, I'm Going To Go Half Die Now...
  10. Okay, sorry Stormwing :blink:

    How about Renagades? Comadores? I shall return when I think of more names.
  11. lol. I never understand pre... i just kinda... read his posts and let them go in one ear and out the other. they make no sense anyways. >.<

  12. I should have been clearer...oh well. >< Yes thanks Stormwing and Lautir for clearing that up. I meant an Aquabat. On that note....Im going to work on the Menlo site today...I hope.

    And for names, how about Advisors or VIP. Not really VIP just someone who can gain access to places other people cant, like a Security Card Holder or something.....
  13. heh. you scared the doodoo out of me. >.>
  14. I leave for like.. a day and a half... and... all this.. random... o.O stuff?

    *groans* my gawd.. i think buying a whole tin of gummy bears and then eatting.. all of them.. wasnt a good idea... Mintos and gummies dont mix >.<
  15. *blinks* It was a mistake not to have read this thread the instant I saw it, for now it has grown like a cancerous lump on uranium. (Need to remember that one....)

    How 'bout luminary? Or... cynosure. Or prodigy.

    Hee. I lurb
  16. Reposting with all of the current suggetions thus far...

  17. I like Prodigy. it sounds real cool.
  18. I can believe I read all of that insanity O.o...

    Anyways, here are my suggestions:

  19. w00t for the 'Addict'! Ral Addict ^^
  20. Hmmm, I'll have to say;

    Goods Handler
    Freedom Fighter

    Meh, I just kinda came up with these fer trades, they're out there, ignore or take em, whatever.

    Edit: *Keels all his previous posts* Maybe the name for the new member status could be "Commando" Hence Commandos are the special ops selected out of the normal soldiers in every army, har har
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