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Thread in 'Game-Related' started by Stormwing, Apr 4, 2013.

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  1. i couldn't resist. t'was funny.

  2. lolz.
    the computers here only have MS Paint though... but i'm lovin it like McDonalds.

    You didn't say the color of the wings though, in the description. So I just went with teal and some seagreenish color.
  3. xD

    I am PROUD.

    I do not live in an igloo.

    I say ROOF not RUFF.


    Sorry lol :P

    Couldn't resist.
  4. I jump ship for one day... And irony comes to bite me in the... Errr... Never mind. Touche, Touche... Aye, But what about the bubble nets? Or is that humpbacks?... -__-^ *Bleep* you bad memory!
  5. Um... what?

    *Didn't follow any of that, probably seeing as it made no sense*

    I borrowed some traits from killer whales, but they're not supposed to be carbon copies. And, yes, that would be a humpback whale thing.
  6. pre, have you been sniffing sharpies? -__-^
  7. I like the sound of Senator or maybe Good-Will Ambassators. Nothing overly creative from me at the moment...
  8. Oh really? the numbers are with the font? I never knew... o.O I had downloaded it on another computer but i never realised the numbers because i hadn't used them ^^; Ha Ha

    Herm, I like both skylinks and Lautir's Sujestions. Alot better than mine >.<
  9. No, my brain is literally shutting down as I type, my mental processes are harder to maintain, and overall, my intelligence is lower and my additude is aggresive and unpredictable, like a Bull Moose on about three pounds of crack and two tons of steroids, minus the testicle shrinkage. o.O
  10. *awkward silence*

    Just a bit more pixeling in and I'm pretty much done. I'm drawing my own also.
  11. um... *no comment* yeah.. um.. Pre... o.O
  12. whoa, pre. you should not take that many sterioids... ya wont have anything left. an then its hard ta pee
  13. *cries* I want one. O_O
  14. OMG PF! wtf!? that made me look twice! lol. I seriously hope yer only kidding... >.<
    you ARE only joking, right?
  15. Teehee. You are CRAZYORRTYERYY^%UI.

    It's the sugar ^^.

    Flumpy. Wumpy. Gumpy. Jumply. Zumply. Grumfy.
  16. Why would she have to be joking? o_O;;

    *Feels like she missed something*
  17. I think Del thinks that Pirate wants a Precaution on steroids...

    But what Pirate really wants is an Aquabat.
  18. Yeah, sure, lets go with that un; *Quote*"I'm joking"*End Quote* I never admitted to being a moose right?... *Looks both ways then gallops off into the woods*

    Edit: *Meanders back out of the woods munching something, with a pair of dog tags half out the side of his mouth and his jaw stained red* Wait, Does that mean I can be bought and sold?! I am NOT WANTED! Slavery is the work of the devil! You're all the devil! *Explodes and it rains candy*
  19. Teehee!

    Don't we all :D
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