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Thread in 'Game-Related' started by Stormwing, Apr 4, 2013.

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  1. There's a new database</a>, but a warning: it's still under construction. All the playable species are listed.

    On that note, we have a new species, the first non-pendragon playable species, called</a>. They're interesting critters, if I do say so myself, and I recommend you read up on them. Until further notice, only staff members and "special" members are allowed to play them. If you're interested in reading an actual aquabat character profile, with quite a bit of information, as well as reference sketch done by Shriker, see my latest character, J66</a>.

    Speaking of "special" members, up there, there is a new member group. It's below staff but above your average member. Active, contributing members will be hand-picked for this group. If you're dedicated to the game, you're sure to be bumped into it. This group will have several priveleges. However, before we even start setting it up, we need a name for it. We want to hear what you guys have to say about it. Got a good name suggestion?

    Some suggestions already made are:
    - Aristocrats
    - Patricians

    There's nothing further to be reported today.
  2. Dood. If I wasn't already over my character limit, I'd so create an aquabat :D Just reading through their species profile gave me a kickarse idea for a character.

    ...Which I will now hide away to be squandered on looseleaf. ._.;; *considers poking Jods about her chara limit thang*
  3. Awww those sound FANTASTIC xDDD

    Ooooooooo new member group. How about ... Adsghjfdg ... I can't think right now lol. It's too late and i'm too hyper. I'll get back to you guys xD
  4. What about The Tgakeul Member group... Though... Calling them 'special' i dont think is the right word, It just makes them sound... Oh i don't know... 'Special-er' than the others, wich sounds kind of mean to say. The ramathian word sounded cool though. What can i say, it past 1:30 at night. I'm fighting to keep my eyes open... I'll try coming up with something, i could say i'll sleep on it and see what happens. :P

    On the new character species i have one thing to say, WOW! They sound so cool! Maybe if i get into the new member group i'll make one... I have one space left before filling up my character limit, even though i am 'killing' off a few of my chars. Stormwing, your imagination is amazing! I read only part of the description and i wanted to make one!

    I NEED to go to bed, so i will check back here later to see if anyone else has submitted a title. Can't wait to read the rest of the description!

    *meanders off into her bed... still in her day clothes*

  5. Thank-you for the compliment. ^^

    This is what happens when you combine Dean Koontz, Furcadia, and a National Geographic killer whale documentary... hurrhurr.

    Speaking of killer whales, it's the traits I borrowed from them that I like the most. Such as stunning fish with the slap of a tail.
  6. Ha Ha, i read your rambles ^^ you delted them, Ha Ha. Well, that sounds cool. I guess we ALL pretend to be things when we are little. I pretended to be alot of things, Animals i mean. I love animals, and when i see a someone create something that i havent seen i'm in complete Awe. ^^ Makes me want to create something, i can never think of something that already hasnt been created. ^^; Heh...
  7. No, no, I edited them. ›D

    Yeah, I pretended to be a lot of things. Killer whales mostly... ever since Free Willy, I've loved those things nearly and dearly. Those and wolves would have to be my favorite animals, and it's ironic how orcas are the "wolves of the sea." I also pretended to be an old pug named Mr. Brown, but that wasn't in pools... that was in my living room at my old house... and I'd lay next to the grandfather clock for hours being a dignified little pooch.

    I also remember being Nails the wolf.

    My main method of transportation between ages 0 and 10 was to walk around on all fours. I STILL have strong shoulders.

    And, uh... yeah.

    I love it how a bunch of ideas I've come up with over the years instantaneously combined to create the aquabat. ^^ It's my life's work! Okay, not really, but I'm still pretty proud of my creation.
  8. Ah! Well, they WEREN'T there for a second. :P Anyways, i'm going off to bed, good night Storm, or whatever it is there. *waves* nighty nighty.

    Ha HA! i'm i wolf mostly, sometimes i'm half that and half cat, just depends on how i feel. When i'm with some of my younger friends (like when i'm babysitting) We pretend to be animals and things, its so much fun! my best friend and i have our childish days as well ^^

    *freaks out because of the lighting flashes and thunder... * wait... was that a.. train? :blink:
  9. I've added some information about pack identification tattoos to the aquabat page. Yay!

  10. Whatever it is you're eating/drinking/etc right now, please send me some. o_o'
  11. PID tats = pack identification tattoos. x)
  12. Well, like i said, i would read the rest of the Aquabat prfile. O.O Wow-even-more! The tattoos on the hands is a very cool idea and same with the Surname. I say that i didn't come up with anything else... The ramathian word sounds cool (for my last sujestion) but the meaning is just... Mean? Ah well.

    EDIT: so what about the ramathian numbers? Are you going to put them up maybe? I guess people are evetually going to need them, for the people that are going to make the Aquabats.
  13. How about the KAT&JODS ROCK group :P


    Actually, I have a few suggestions.

    Patricians & Matricians. For Girls & Boys :D

    Matrons & Patrons.

  14. How about "The Upper Class"?

    *is glad he's a staff and has a couple more char slots left*

    i'm gonna make one! and I'm coloring that reference picture. THese computers only have MS Paint but it looks nice so far.

    Right now I only remember two of the upgrades you get when you're an upgraded member (one of which I don't even have).
  15. how about callin' 'em Good Samaritans. they are the contributers, right?
  16. *Can't wait to see the colored versions of Cad's picture* x)
  17. We've got Delagates, Diplomats, Ambassators, and whatnot... what about something like Senator?
  18. or, "Stupid american poltical figures." lol.
    *is an american... just kidding, not trying to be offensive*
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