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  1. I've been trying to work out how all of the noble families on Ramath-lehi are set up. If you have any ideas, let me know.

    I would like each noble family to have a "Curator." As a curator of a noble family, you'll be charged with:
    1. Updating and maintaining that family's genealogy page, and
    2. Helping other players create characters that belong to branches of your noble family.
    Currently I'm curating three noble families: Grader, Adamaint, and Dragyn. So if you're interested in creating a character with any of those last names, talk to me and I'll hook you up. ;)

    If you're interested in creating a noble family entirely from scratch, you must be an active player, and be able to create some sort of unique family background. There are still a lot of open slots of the original Council of Twelve if you're interested in developing some Ramathian lore (plus, you'd also get to have your family's crest inscribed on a sweet magic table relic!). Just let me know your idea for a noble family in this thread.

    I. The Council of Twelve
    The original Council of Twelve is considered to house the most royal families on all of Ramath-lehi. Their blood is considered to be sacred and generally very rich in regards to Fronima.
    1. Grader - (Ajita) @Iversia
    2. Adamaint - (Trilok) @Iversia
    3. Dragyn - (Swaraj) @Iversia
    4. Janhyul - (Bhim) @Lautir
    5. Sun - (Mansukh) (Not much lore exists; can be adopted.)
    6. open - (Dhruv; must be Yki)
    7. open - (Boreios Sudesha)
    8. open - (Notios Sudesha; must be Anubi)
    9. open
    10. open
    11. open
    12. open
    II. Khell Nobility
    1. Dulaphar - @Nasuella
    2. Goerduan - @Nasuella
    3. Koldrak - @Nasuella
    4. Sulramn - @Nasuella
    5. Volithin - @Nasuella
  2. Ramathian nobility you say? *flaunts self*

    I was actually going to ask about the empty original 12 slots when I had more free time, but now that the offer is there I can get to plotting >:3 I don't have any big ideas right now but I'm definitely interested. I also just can't turn down a title with 'Curator' in it.
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  3. I'd ask for one of the families on the original council of 12, but considering nearly all of the Khell noble families have my name with them, I think I might already have my hands full with that. XDD

    Actually, as a thought, maybe there could be at least one noble family from each continent on that original council? At the very least it'd help to make it look more equal and fair-for-all, even if it isn't necessarily the case. We know the Adamaints are from Trilok (particularly now that they've been retconned into a Khell bloodline); that was what gave me the idea. (And yes, there would be some spots left over the "one from each continent" rule is met - hence why I said at least one.)
  4. I just included them on the list because they were in the wiki. :P If you want, we could bump one or two onto the original Council. It'd make sense for Khell and Pendragon families to dominate there. I'm willing to bet that the original Council was formed without thinking much about all of the races.

    Being from different countries would make some sense too. Adamaints being Trilok, Graders being Ajita, and Dragyn being Swaraj/borderline Mansukh. There would definitely be some overlap... Gosh. Now I need to think of /when/ Aurius fits into the picture, and if it had any specific ties to Bhim or surrounding places back in the day.
  5. It's so hard to imagine Bhim having a ruling family in it's history somewhere that did so poorly to create what it is today. Maybe there was a huge scandal that led to an uprising/rebellion and general chaos. Lots of potential from some tyrants in Sudeshas as well. Hmmmm.
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  6. It is hard to imagine a traditional sort of ruling family for Bhim. I feel like in that sense it could have been/could be more of a case of there may have been a ruling family or two that have since devolved into/become major crime syndicates - kind of like the mob; a combination of "to the victor goes the spoils" and "peace through superior firepower." They could have either been cut from the council if they were openly engaging in criminal activities or kept as a sort of advisor position in the sense that they have their fingers on the pulse the most crime-ridden area of Ramath. I imagine the economy is both helped, but significantly hindered by the Black Market and the level of illegal activities in Bhim.
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  7. We're still looking to add some more noble families!
  8. #8 Lautir, Sep 19, 2013
    Last edited: Sep 23, 2013
    This is definitely a work in progress but my bed time approaches so I won't get much more done today just putting it up for other people to give their thoughts! Things in red high lighted for Council relevance, feedback is invited :heart: Will move to the Wiki when I get a chance to give it an edit and maybe some more fleshing out.

    Bhim wasn’t always the grey battle ground it was today. Like the other continents it went through its share of power holders before being recognized into the planets united governing force.

    Bhim’s environment was once a much more forgiving place. It was actually due to a large amount of natural resources and riches that many ‘dragons made their home there. Every new patch of gold led to a group being started claiming it for their own. They would organize around it, fight for it, and pay for it with their lives. The ‘dragons of the country quickly became divided and fraction by the promise of wealth and comfort. Groups became tribes, tribes elected leaders, and leaders went to war. Thousands of years later a few key tribes remained, each making a play for a united continent, believing their way to be the best.

    While many of the warring tribes got smaller, some were able to survive by backing out of power struggles and focusing on riches instead. However one tribe, the Janhyul, quickly filled the now vacant positions and were able to establish themselves as the driving force of uniting Bhim under one rule.

    Most theorize that the Janhyul only made it into the Council of Twelve by act of luck. They were at their peak power when the Council was founded and the most logical representative of the continent. They had ancient enough bloodlines and magical talents to rival the other royal families of the time. even if they never used them in the most conventional manner. They specialized in deceit and illusions, protections and barriers, which only served to cause suspicion to trail them as forcefully as a shadow. It was thanks to these skills that the family was able to withstand the years of infighting that happened amongst tribes. And also how they were able to escape their eventual defeat.

    But the ‘dragons of Bhim didn’t appreciate being ruled by self-proclaimed royalty, it wasn’t in their nature to accept laws from a higher power. As the population become more restless the ruling family became more totalitarian. New laws were enacted nearly every day but there were few 'dragons left to enforce them. Tensions on both sides continue to rise and the economy and infrastructure of the country started to crumble. The rule of the Janhyul only lasted a few centuries, it was long enough to break down ancient tribal rivalries, but not long enough to tame the independent Bhimite spirit. The country, while suffering through some of it's darkest days after the Janhyul rule, adapted to their new found lawlessness rather quickly as it was the only way to survive a failed economy.

    The Janhyul were forcefully and brutally ejected by the Bhimites, but not completely defeated. Saved only by the grace of their magical protections. Having spent the years watching from the side lines, some members of the Council had offered to help the family out privately but each instance was refused. As the Janhyul's finally started to loose a grip on their country the rest of the Council made a public statement offering aide to the territory. Taking offense at the offer and it's political maneuvering to make the Council look good, the Janhyul's refused once again and withdrew themselves from the table. They re-established themselves as a crime organization, using what wealth and influence they had left. Bitter at their own defeat, they worked hard to thwart any other groups rise to dominance. In modern day Bhim it’s said that the Janhyul line still survives in a few, but their methods have changed. Along with any of the other surviving powerful families, their children are only princes to thieves. They continue to fight over small offenses, while trying to run the country from the shadows, but none wanting to earn too much attention.

    While the acts of the Janhyul may someday be forgotten, their legacy lives on in the pockets of every Bhimite. The Bhim currency, the Bhijan, brought into practice by Janhyuls first head of household, takes its name from the combination of the ruling family and the country they ravaged.​
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  9. Regarding magical talents... Perhaps they were really adept at both putting up, and taking down magical wards? That would have made them pretty formidable, and would have helped them to, you know, not all die out in the end. They would have needed some sort of strength in order to not get total party killed by the Bhimites.

    I doubt that they would have been ejected from the Council unless they were found to be committing something like mass genocide. I think the Council of old was a little too forgiving at times. Maybe they resigned due to shame/defeat? Or disagreed with some sort of unifying act? Or turned down aid that was being offered, which created even more enemies?
  10. Hehe, yeah, was thinking along the same lines for the Council, classically corrupt :3 In the good old days you could get away with anything!

    Got some edits in with my last few waking moment of today. Thinking I may do some re-organizing with this and add a little bit more the next chance I get to expand some more on the family itself.
  11. I really like the changes. Now I need to start beefing up my own families. D:
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  12. I just created an Anubi princess as one of my characters so I was thinking on working on the Anubi royal family. I wanted to make the Anubi similar to Aztecs, Native American tribes and ancient Egyptians.
  13. Soooo could I maybe dip my paws into this a bit? Kicking around some ideas thinking that maybe someone abandoned my character and the Mother/Father was from a noble family. Any thoughts? volunteers to delve into that with me?
  14. Hmhmhmmm. I could probably pull something together, for a noble family. I love doing world-buildy background stuff (as if that wasn't apparent with the Yki, d'oi). Any specific limitations you'd like us to keep in mind? I'm mulling over a family locating itself on the outskirts of Dhruv and being one of the main sources of scandal with the locals...
  15. No real limitations per se. If anything, what I'd like to see is some sort of integration with the existing noble families. So that new families don't exist in a bubble and that there are some more reasons for the nobility to interact/hold grudges/squabble.
  16. Can do! If it's alright, while they don't really count as nobility to the outside world, I can also finally write down more information on individual tribes among the Yki along with a sort of basic geneology/relationship status with the rest of the world.
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  17. hi, I just made a start on a noble family called the Shindragun. I am working out the details, but i am hoping there is still space for a noble family. this one is based in Ajita like the Graders.

    As for the Sun family is it still up for adoption. if so, i would like to know where the existing lore for it is.
  18. ah okay then, just letting you know that the option is out there should you want to make use of it, Ivy. I mean, you are busy enough as it is, right?
  19. I updated some of the criteria for a couple of the (still to be named) royal families in the the first post! :)

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