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Thread in 'Game-Related' started by Pendzez Zazkex, Oct 21, 2007.

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  1. the spirits with in and the Advent children use the same technology Advent children * the game based one* is the modernized up to date software ^-~

    heheh 3d modules kill me :(
  2. Do you guys have any idea how hard it is to make something like that?
  3. yes, yes i do.... i cant even use blender X-X
  4. Yep i do lol, ive been making building and stuff so hard and looks so crap lol. Anyways erm okay.
  5. well wat about a normal animated series of RaL. Like the same cartoon appearances as Inuyasha and Black Cat. Not Computer-generated
  6. =u.u= I demand a levitating dindin dish, which can transform into a all-terrain battle suit that fires kibbles.
  7. =^-~= i'll bulk order the kibbles for you!
  8. LoL, mmm Kibble!
  9. A 3D movie would certainly get my vote - as a longer term project. I've been wanting to start a short animation for a long time, but only recently become okay at Flash. In the meantime, though, I opt for a comic book with decently high quality pictures (not just flimsy black and white - unless it was impressive black and white ;D), similar to the http://kayfedewa.deviantart.com/art/BBA-graphic-novel-pg25-59088020BBA Graphic Novels</a> by http://www.kayfedewa.deviantart.comKayFedewa</a> on dA. The composition is sweet. The artistic level isn't out of our reach, either. I think this is a more realistic goal for the moment. There are enough talented people here that collaborating on constructing each frame should be quite easy, and besides that, we're all gifted with a better-than-your-average understanding of English; coming up with a solid, agreeable story line for a comic-short would be a breeze.
  10. O_O! A comic certainly would be a reachable and realistic concept to play with ^-^ Certainly with the holiday season in its prime, themes might be easier to begin with...

    we could set fire to a house while trying to light the christmas pudding >->

    anyhoo i gtg get my bus!

  11. I could just see that being done in 4 or 5 frames, chibi-fied =p
  12. LoL I can actually see one of Moreh's characters setting fire to a house cause it did not know how to make pudding.

    mmm, i want pudding now.

    Alex? Make me some pudding pwease? *big adorable eyes*
  13. Jodie and I were talking about a short thread on Dylan and Koani having a birthday party and baking a cake - that'd be pretty funny. Or we could do a comic book on the attack on Candrice.
  14. hmmm mabye Magna Mag could come up with something
  15. What's Magna Mag? We'd do it ourselves.
  16. it's just a suggestion
  17. i'm gonna do the pudding one i think ^-^

    though candrice would be a good idea too, pictures speak a thousand words apparently, though my tutrors wouldn't seem pleased if i just send in a picture of me trying to write damn essays.
  18. I did a theme song a long time ago.

    I'll remaster it and toss it out there for anyone who wants to take on an animation.
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