Radin Dragyn / Taberah Dragyn / Lakmir Grader

Thread in 'Game-Related' started by shriker, Apr 4, 2013.

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  1. I've got a few characters that are up for adoption. :]

    Radin Dragyn
    22 / male / Bisexual

    This cool dude is looking for a nice, warm account to live in. You can read over http://shadowlack.com/persona.php?id=5his profile</a> if you like in order to get a feel for him. Pretty much everything that you'd need to know is in there, but if you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask.

    Taberah Dragyn
    31 / male / Heterosexual
    One of Radin's brothers. Again, information about him is in http://shadowlack.com/persona.php?id=372his profile.</a>

    Lakmir Grader
    87 / male / Heterosexual

    Um... no picture of him because they're all crappy. Zamfir's younger brother (so also Koani's uncle). He's fairly similar to Zamfir in some regards, though not nearly as muscular. Check out http://shadowlack.com/persona.php?id=54his profile</a> if you're interested. He's actually the oldest living Grader... and sort of a threat to Koani. It'd be really awesome to get him into a plot of some sort. At the moment he's the guy that physically gives pendragons their grading stripes.


    If anyone is interested in playing one of these guys, http://shadowlack.com/forums/index.php?act=Msg&CODE=4&MID=13send me a PM</a> with a sample post. The sample post can be about anything at all, but must feature the character that you're applying for. Pretty much whoever can write a post that best represents the character in terms of personality, will get the character.

    Deadline for sample posts is next Monday (19th). :heart:
  2. Oh, tricky trickey tricky.
  3. Yeah... they're sort of all pretty awesome, but for different reasons. :P
  4. :D I've wanted Radin for foreverrrr. -begins writing up sample-
  5. oh poo i can't match Emz' writing skills! ;_;
  6. x3 Bwahaha, you can tryyyy.
  7. and faillllllllll :P
  8. There's no harm in trying. :)
  9. And if you fail, there's always a second chance. Well, somtimes. :)
  10. -peeks head in to witness this post.-


    i would not mind being involved in said shenanigans...
  11. Laaast day, just so that people know. :)
  12. AH I FORGOT!
  13. Opoop! I wish I had a Lak~

    Maybe I'll write something up today, if I find time. >.>
  14. Well... I only got three sample posts in total. One for each character, actually. So everyone that applied got the character of their choice. :P

    Dark got Taberah,
    Attrius got Radin,
    and phylus got Lakmir. :]
  15. YAAAAAAAY. :heart:
  16. I just moved the characters into their new accounts. ;] Let me know if your character count, or anything else, happens to be off.
  17. Mind if I rewrite his desc and personality? :3
  18. Go for it. :P
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