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  1. Okee! I was looking over the form for creating a character. What is the difference between a trade...and an occupation? I was under the impression they are the same thing, buuuut...apparently (according to the form thing) they are not. Would someone care to explain that to me? Would 'preciate it! ^_^

    (Have I broken any rules yet? >.> Smileys are allowed right? If I use * for my actions in the OOC...does that count for breaking the rules?)

    And sorry if this was supposed to be somewhere else. I made an educated guess.
  2. Smilies are cool, * in OOC chatter are just fine as well. ;) *pokes*

    I'll try to explain things for you. Let me know if you need any more elaboration.

    A trade is pretty much just an area of study. It's something that your character goes to (or has gone to) school for... or more simply, what they're learning. Say for example your character has Cosmetics for a trade.

    An occupation is essentially a job, and can be (though not always), a more specific version of your character's trade. Someone with Cosmetics for a trade could specialize in costume makeup, cosmetic research, marketing, or pretty much anything relating to that particular trade. It's also possible (like it is in real life) for a character to wind up with a job that is completely unrelated to their chosen areas of study. :)
  3. Okee. I gets it. :)

    Hmmmm...I was thinking about my character being like a...metal worker (Blacksmith sort of). But I don't think I see anything like that in the trades list. Am I wrong?
  4. That'd be smithing, unless I'm way off-track. :)
  5. *sheepish grin* Yeah...I JUST found it. Teehee! I can be pretty blind sometimes. But thanks so much for replying to me anyway. :D I'll be on the road to figuring this place out in no time. Heh heh...yeeeeah...right.

  6. Hehe, yep. Smithing, or Jewellery, if your character wants to be into the more intricate things. :)

    Be sure to ask any other questions if you have 'em. I know it can be a little scary being a newling. ^^
  7. scary only because half of the RaL population makes a habit of eating newlings. Ertez, make sure no one tries to sprinkle you with salt, okay?
  8. @_@ Oooooh, Thaaaaanks! *laughs* You're so confidence inspiring, Phylus. :P But I'll be sure to keep looking over my shoulder. ^_^
  9. Watch out for ketchup, too.
    Although I'm not sure I should be talking; I still have to watch out for ketchup myself! :)
  10. *smiles* Okee...I'll watch out for all manner of spices, condiments, and complimentary veges that might be added to me to make me flavorful, delicious, and nutricious (that's not spelt right, is it? O_o). ^-^

    *going on to plan B in character ideas...saving first idea for has to come up with a whole new one.* grr...and I think the hardest part is the name...
  11. No kidding! I think I spent half a day trying to find good names for Ketros and Rashmi. *ugh*
  12. ^_^ I think I just found a name for my first character. What do you think of the name Cestaleah Mokchi. I kinda like it. :P I'm even on a roll with an idea for the history. WOOT! (I was thinking about leaving it blank, like suggested, buuuuut...I came to realize it would have driven me INSANE! to leave it blank. :D) I kinda combined a few names that I found...sometimes it works, sometimes it don't. :D
  13. Sounds good to me. Yeah, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't ... The day I was searching for Ket and Rashi's names, it wasn't working. At all. D: I guess some days it works better than other days.
    Good luck with the char. :)
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