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Thread in 'Game-Related' started by Skylink, Apr 5, 2008.

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  1. This is going to be a placeholder for now, really. However, this is my greatest depot for creativity so I'm going to be posting updates about it here.

    Anyway, I've been going through the career change drama again, and it has led me to what I believe I truly want to do. I'm going to do Game Design/Development. Before anyone goes "Woah, that's awesome!" I'd like to take this time to inform you that Game Dev is serious business. Well, my friends at school all thought it was cool. They all like my creative ideas and support my transferring to Full Sail University (to any of you that have never heard of it, open a Game Informer magazine. There's an ad about the school in almost every issue nowadays close to the last few pages.). But before I go, they want to get in on the fun and make a game themselves (and they have me at the top of the ladder organizing things). So, now here I am, working on this sweet concept for a game without a name.

    As time passes, I'll put various screenshots of the work we're doing. We want to have a beta of the game by April 22nd for this event at our school, so hopefully, by then, I'll be able to send it out to you guys also.

    In addition, if we ever run into a rock, I hope that I can call on you guys for ideas for character or plot-advancement. Because, really, not all of them are good at story writing.
  2. Well, if you ever need help i will do what i can to give you a hand!! :heart:

    I really hope that you find your calling with game designing. I've always wanted to do that, thats kind of my dream job. ^^; But i am so confused when i comes to choosing a career for the rest of my life, so i'm in the rut about that >.<

    As i said tho, if you ever need help, or even someone to scream to if you get stuck and can't figure out why something wont work, just give me a shout! Teehee
  3. Wow thatÂ’s awesome (lol), IÂ’ll love to help.

    I have no idea what career IÂ’ll do, it's just I got multiple skills.
  4. wow, skylink!
    i hope that you've found your calling. i know it can be frustrating teetering back and forth between choices, knowing yourself and whatnot. i hope this little demo-game puts the gears and motions and rings to you as a true calling. (;

    i'm oh-so-willing to lend a hand where ever you need it. not that i'm any bit a gamer. ^^;
  5. Oh career choice drama, I'm at the same fork in the road. Very intimidating.

    I would have loved to get into video game design, but my parents might have disowned me or something, and you guys in the States have all the video game schools. I even know the one you mentioned :p

    I'm excited to see this project you're working on and would be glad to try and lend a hand if you need it. And I'll totally be cheering you on over the years :D
  6. Well, thanks guys. I really do have to thank RaL as a whole because I don't think I'd be this good at judging character applications if not for you guys :p (I had to set up a system where they wrote up Character Apps in order to create a character. This way, they think harder on them.)

    Here's one of the characters we've come up with. For a little idea of what's going on, a catastrophic event occurs causing explosions in multiple castle-towns and other civilizations (medieval times). And there's this fungus-like thing that when turned into a liquid, can be used like a battery. This is what Catala is. (I think in some places I just refered to it as the Power Source. The name of it is tentative like most other things.) However, when turned into a gas, it will have strange effects on some of the characters including mental instability, mutation, and in this case... well, she's one of the more extreme cases. The idea behind her was... well my friend wanted to be a character in the game and she said she wanted to be a little girl that used a LARGE Hammer and... Well... just read it.


    Age: Young.. around 10-12

    Weapon of Choice: Hammers. I'll probably end up making a specialty weapon for her later.

    Character Personality: Even before her Maru is a cheerful, high-spirited child who loves to talk. She's very easily persuaded into things since she doesn't know much about how the world works. Focus her attention onto something and she'll devote her mind to it. This makes her very open-minded to all forms of ideas and beliefs. It also makes her somewhat of an idealist, and will almost blindly follow a purpose if the person sounds convincing to her. She hates being left alone and would prefer the company of just about anyone instead of no one at all. She clings to the people that treat her with kindness and can't bear having anything happen to them.

    Character Background: Maru lived in one of the many castle-towns in the world. She was raised by her parents who treated her very well. Maru's father was a blacksmith skilled in refining Catala. The family was pretty well off when it came to money. She was a sickly girl and never really had the energy to move around a lot like most children. Because of which, she stayed at home most of the time reading books and drawing. Weeks before [Catastrophe], Maru gets a sickness that heavily affects her energy. It gets to the point where she can no longer walk without assistance. She is diagnosed with an illness when combined with her current frailness can prove to be fatal in less than a year. There was about a month of sadness until [Catastrophe] happened. In an explosion, Maru was covered under the rubble of her house and knocked unconscious. The area was evacuated as the gas form of the power source leaked everywhere.

    Maru wakes up covered in rocks and heavy objects. She realizes that she is trapped and attempts to break free of her rocky prison. Much to her surprise, she succeeds. As she begins to absorb her desecrated surroundings, she begins to feel something different about her. She was stronger and filled with energy. It was a new feeling; completely different to her usual tired self. However, it was quite the extreme. She was able to push off the bricks and walls of a collapsed house off of her so something is definitely different. Her mind was spinning with numerous ideas as well as fears of why her parents are gone. In the midst of her mental instability, her body began to mutate. Pink wings begin to sprout from her back. Before the mutation could progress any further, she managed to calm herself down causing the mutation to recede. Alone and scared, Maru now searches for answers. Why was the area destroyed? Where were her parents? Why was her body so much stronger? All these questions answered and more on the next episode of... DRAGON BALL Z....

    [Statistical Data]

    Weapon Proficiency: Hammers: D

    It sounds kinda iffy, but it's just supposed to be a basic description, and I was writing it while I was hungry... I'm pretty sure you'll get the idea.
  7. Boy I wonder how the non-fungus affected people will say about her, unless you make it interesting and have her hide her wings in the towns and if her... LetÂ’s say armor wears off or something the people find out she's a mutant.

    (Hmm IÂ’m getting carried away on this one.)

    Ok my adrenaline is overwhelming on this one.
    (Loads of ideas.)
  8. Sweet. My brother and one or two of my friends are going there very soon. If I'm ever in the area visiting, I'll be sure to look you up. ^^
  9. <table border='0' align='center' width='95%' cellpadding='3' cellspacing='1'><tr><td>QUOTE (ang0224 @ Apr 6 2008, 04:56 AM)</td></tr><tr><td id='QUOTE'> Boy I wonder how the non-fungus affected people will say about her, unless you make it interesting and have her hide her wings in the towns and if her... LetÂ’s say armor wears off or something the people find out she's a mutant.

    (Hmm IÂ’m getting carried away on this one.)

    Ok my adrenaline is overwhelming on this one.
    (Loads of ideas.) </td></tr></table>
    *must stop pressing Edit button*

    The thing about her mutative ability is that it's emotion based at the beginning. Wings and most likely other forms of growth will sprout in those dire kinds of moments. However, when things cool down, it will either fall off or recede back into her body. That way she's not walking around with these giant pairs of wings. Later on, she'll likely find a way to control her new mutant powers, which can allow us the ability to do some really interesting things. It'll probably leave marks on her body from where the mutation sprouts from. I'll have to remember that.

    I was thinking that at some point, she could be a boss fight. All of my friends agree that fighting a little girl with super human strength, a pair of wings, and a giant hammer is very scary.
  10. i love the idea of the fungus, with all its influences and whatnot, and maru, being a hammer-wielding girl, sounds great. (; i only wish i could use a hammer.

    so, i assume that the fungus-affected people band together?
  11. Well, the thing is, the game is going to be along the lines of FFTA + Fire Emblem + Riviera: The Promised Land + a few original ideas in the mix.

    Because of that, there's going to be a lot of characters playable. Thing is, I don't want too many playable characters with the mutation. Maru's already arranged to meet with a "Mage Knight" and they both work with a Blacksmith. (Her dad was a Blacksmith so she's going to try copying what her dad does.) The Mage Knight and Maru end up being 'victims' of the protagonist group. (One of the early game boss fights is going to actually be a small militia of townspeople. Amongst them will be Maru's father and the brothers of the Mage Knight. You're going to have to kill them. However, I'm still debating whether or not to have Maru's father killed in that skirmish.)

    This will make it easier to bend the plotline. Depending how we take it, we can make it so that Maru gets mad and becomes a boss fight herself and probably joins your group later or something. I need to talk to my friend Garvin, but he's rarely online =/
  12. ok part of the story line is finished or so; now i was thinking about Maru's weapon and here's some questions about it:

    How big is the hammer; big hammer head, long hammer handle?
    Any special attacks like thor's rage or smashing earthquake?
    What does it look like? Does it match Maru's cloths?

    But if there's a variety of weapons all those questions are a bust.
  13. lol. HUGE Variety of Weapons. The Weapon and Combat System are probably the most in-depth part of the game so far. I'm still putting things together. I need to learn how to code in Ruby, so I can integrate it with the engine
  14. Ok I got a small idea about the system... *bing!* customization, not to fill the table up into a full on game but what if you add on a: weapon and armor customization system which will enable the gamer to add on like: magic def +5 or scan/ sensor.
  15. Heh, let me explain the Weapon System to you. It'll show you how far we've gotten into it.

    Weapon System

    Weapon Types
    In the game weapons are broken down into different types:
    Every weapon will be separated into one of these types. Some weapons will be a combination of two weapon types (Hybrid Weaponry? Believe it! O:).

    Weapon and Weapon Type Proficiency

    Characters have a skill rating showing how skilled they are with different weapons. The more they use that weapon, certain things get increased.
    1) All Attributes Affiliated with that weapon (Weapon Type, Damage Type, Element [if any])
    2) Familiarity with that weapon.

    When Attributes reach a certain point in the first case, they will "level up". For example, a person uses a Sword, Swords deal Slashing Damage. Your Slashing Attribute and Sword Attribute will go up as you use the sword. They will level up in order of F -> E-> D-> C-> B ->A ->S. Some weapons will have a minimum requirement in one or more attributes. Before the character can use that weapon, they would need to fulfill the Attribute Level requirements.

    In the second case, a character will gradually become familiar with a certain weapon. When that reaches 100%, the character will learn a new skill. The character can use the skill while wielding any weapon of that Weapon Type.

    Yeah, that's the weapon system. There's a lot of other things possibly going to be involved like Weapon Effort Values, Proficiency Boosts, etc. I've been developing this whole idea. I just need to learn how to write Ruby Scripts so I can implement it in the program.
  16. hm sounds complex; ok i'll let someone else say something now
  17. hah, Don't worry.. you can keep asking me things. The more questions you ask, the more ideas you give me.
  18. Awesome Update.

    We've got a lot of ground work done including stuff on the Power Source, officially named Catala. Maru, although generally feared by most of my friends due to her having Batman* status, was very well accepted and has the Stamp of Approval from all of them.

    My friend Garvin and I worked on some of the kingdoms. Truly, this has to be one of the most interesting parts to work on. Here's the most interesting one to read about. Seriously.

    //-- The Mighty Kingdom of Halberinth

    The Mighty Kingdom of Haberinth

    An agrarian fiefdom first brought together under the might of the noble house of Haberinth. Because of the surrounding geography, the inhabitants of the area were constantly raided by the men of the woods, until Haberinth banded several of the major clans together and fought back in organized forces. The Mighty Kingdom of Haberinth has some of the most noble, if egotistical, knights and soldiers to be found. Even the peasantry is pompous to such a degree that any foreigner would wonder at how such a country could possibly exist.

    While their ability to produce wheat is unmatched, they are somewhat technically inept when compared to a few of their neighbors. The strength of the mighty Haberinthians is in their citizen soldiers and the courage of their nobility. There is some bias against the more Â…intellectually inclined. The more prosperous members of Haberinth society use the considerable wealth they obtain from their peasants to purchase luxuries like multiple servants, or goods from other nations.

    The armies of Haberinth are unique in that they focus a great deal on hand-to hand combat. Few of their people use weapons or armor of any kind, though peasants occasionally make use of slings and rocks, and the nobility will occasionally make use of various gauntlets and claw extensions for combat. Some few select gauntlets are essentially large bucklers or shields that allow them to close with armed combatants.

    Major Exports: Wheat, Bread, ale, malt (anything that gives a dwarf a buzz)
    Major Imports: People

    Guard: Welcome to The Mighty Kingdom of Haberinth foreigner.
    Foreigner: I thought it` was just called HaberinthÂ…
    Guard: Blasphemy! You could be thrown in the stocks for that!
    Foreigner: Â…uh huhÂ…. IÂ’ll keep that in mind.


    Seriously, we were talking about this the ENTIRE night after we made the mentality of the entire country. The farmers aren't just farmers. They are The Mighty Farmers of Haberinth. In combat, I was thinking they'd name themselves along the lines of The Mighty Warriors of the Wheat of Haberinth. They are just that awesome. Garvin is awesome at pulling things like this together.

    Main Problems: Characters. Mainly, Lenford's characters. I'm not saying that we shouldn't have any sad/depressing characters... but almost all of them are, and they mainly interact with themselves rather than other characters that everyone else made. Almost as if he's making his own little game in this game.

    As such, I may be asking for character assistance from you guys, since many of you are better at descriptive words and criticism than I am. *coughdumucough* =p but yeah, anything really out of the mental spectrum will likely be brought here for further deconstruction/build-up.

    Since I already have something far out of the spectrum, I'll leave it for you guys to look at.

    //---- Rose-----

    Character Name: Rose
    Character Age: 12
    Character's Weapon of Choice: Scythe.

    Character Personality: Very cheery and trusting of others. Often doesn’t fully grasp the situation at hand and feels confused. Hard to anger but quick to fight. Very energetic and enjoys fighting monster but dislikes taking human lives. Most likely to ignore plans and try a more “fun" approach. Never really serious except for when her older brother is mentioned.

    Character Background: She was raised in a mediocre house with her mother and brother. Her brother had been taught to use a scythe by their father who was a skilled mercenary. He died during a mission and since then her brother has tried to follow in his footsteps. He taught her how to use a scythe even though their father always told him that she should be free of the blood of otherÂ’s on her hands. Their mother stopped speaking after their fatherÂ’s death but still did her best to take care of them. One day her brother came home holding a black scythe and he killed their mother and left her with a large scar on her back. The last thing she remember about her brother was him standing over her laughing and then walking away from her. She was found by a neighbor and her wounds were treated. After being unconscious for three days she got up went into her old house grabbed a scythe that was in the house then went back to her neighbors house. Since then she has been training so that she could one day find her brother and bring him back. She never talks about him but acts very seriously when he is mentioned. She isnÂ’t sure why her brother did what he did but she wishes to find him and find out why he did what he did. She still has not thought out what she would do after he answers.


    I'm pretty sure that the name Sasuke pops up in your mind after finishing, but then you realize that she's still a cheery girl.
  19. nice character though i can't help because i'm terrible at character editing and making but still nice, i bet rose will be as interesting as the other characters you guys will place into the story line.
  20. Well most of us were thinking that the personality and background clashed too horribly. I mean, would you really be cheery and happy if your dad died on a mercenary trip, your mom gets killed by your brother, and the last thing you remember about him is laughing over your slashed body? It just doesn't make sense.

    And also, more than one little girl kinda spoils the general cuteness of them all.
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