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Thread in 'Game-Related' started by shriker, Apr 4, 2013.

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  1. Hello and welcome to today's episode of "Just What Is Jodie Doing"!

    I would just like to let you all know that the code for Ramath-lehi is coming along rather smoothly. The re-code is just going a little slow because I'm re-integrating everything with the forum, and I am also a very, very, busy soon-to-be-graduated student.

    You can check out what pages are already up and running by viewing the Site Map. Once I have the majority of the main content back up, the global site navigation will go back up.

    One thing you may or may not have noticed is that you're no longer a number! Your profile URLs now contain your username, so I can be found at It makes me feel rather shiny. ^_^

    Actually, the entire forum has much prettier/shorter URLs and I've been working like a madwoman trying to make sure that everything is getting redirected properly.

    For those of you who are unsure about the current layout: don't worry. It's not going to remain this way. In the future I also hope to have several skins for you to choose from (maybe even a few from several of Ramath-lehi's past layouts if there's any interest).
  2. Ooh yay ^^ Definitely interested in skins from earlier years ;) The Grader skin was smexy!
  3. *Re-reads* Oooooo! Past layouts...I agree with you Alex. ^.^ that one sure did look gorgeous. Will keep checking now and then here. ^^ Oh and Alex I like the random post count. ^^
  4. The site is looking funky :D I can't wait to see new graphics! *squeals*
  5. How about some old graphics for the time being. ^_^
  6. yessss. i get to live like all you Ramath veterans do! was never around for the Grader layout c:
  7. YAAAAAAAY graader layout! was my faaaaaaaaaaaave!!
  8. Oooh--! I've seen that image befooore... now nostalgia's got me! Pardon me while I lose my mind for a sec - Hi Zamfir! Hi Karryasa! I missed you two!

    Ah, reminds me of my old characters - now I'm motivated to try and bring some of 'em back. 'course, I'd write them differently now... ah, I ramble.

    And a wiki? I love wikis! *dashes off to edit!*
  9. Yep, yep, yep. :) The Graders are pretty darn awesome.

    Only people who belong to the Wiki group can edit it at the moment though. I don't think I'm quite ready to bring it out in full swing just yet (it's been a staff-only thing for the past long while). But sooooon!. :fishie:

    I need to hop off now... seeing how it's 2 AM here and I've got class and a critique tomorrow morning at 9.
  10. Aren't they just. Koani is one of my fave characters here, but it's awesome to see the old-timers again.

    Ah, thanks for the note on the Wiki. Still, I must confess, I'm already motivated to start working on rewriting the Feydragon description. (I'm keeping the little poem though. It's too cute.)

    Seven hours to rest? Ouch. Best get some sleep then, and best of luck with class and the critique.

    This layout was awesome, and I loved the dreamcatcher bit on the side :D
  12. Ehehe, it's back! Oh the memories :3

    For everyone who is expriencing it for the first time, do you see the penguin?

    The dreamcatcher was actually on the following layout all of it's own ;) Am I the only one pining for 'dem bones layout? Maybe it's was just because it was the one that dragged me in.
  13. DOH! So it was :P I actually joined with the Graders layout :P
  14. Yup I see it. ^^
  15. Lautir I was here for the layout and i never noticed a penguin. im pretty sure i see it now.
  16. never noticed a penguin on this layout either. xD I see it now though, is it really a penguin? P:

    I love the phpBB. The site looks all shiny and niiiice, not that is wasn't before though.
  17. i think i see the penguin but then, really, is that a penguin?

    or maybe i think i see it, but really i'm pretending it is a penguin but it really is not d:
  18. I'd forgotten all about the penguin, lol.

    Anyway, character avatars are up and working again. They're going to be uploaded to the site from now on. So no more broken images! :heart:

    User Control Panel -> Manage Characters -> (Select a Character) Avatar

  19. It's just shining light that thinks it's a penguin, hehe.

    Hmm, no 'Manage Characters' section is available by the looks of it.
  20. Ahh, right. It might help if I set the correct permissions. lol. It should show up as a tab between "Overview" and "Profile."
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