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Thread in 'World Building' started by Temrin, Aug 7, 2015.

  1. I noticed all the outdated ages on my saved profiles offline and that my current characters on my account here are out of date too. it occurred to me that it would be quite neat to have the option to auto update character ages every year around the time where their birth month corresponds to ours. (maybe a notification saying "hey its this characters birthday" as a reminder.)

    Perhaps it would need to be an opt in checkbox option next to the age since some people would rather do it themselves or some characters visibly age slower and they would rather have that listed instead of actual age.

    No idea how doable it would be since it would require some fiddling around with databases to have our dates and RaL dates correspond (plus everything else coded to do it) but it was just a passing thought i figured i'd post. : )
  2. I do like that... I think I already have a birth year in the character database, but I just haven't really been doing anything with it at all. It could totally be used to calculate a character's age in near real time though.
  3. That would be pretty neat :3 Character birthday notifications. LETS ALL HAVE A PARTY.

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