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Thread in 'Help Desk' started by Enalska, Mar 31, 2013.

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  1. Argh. I got a post error in my thread and like an idiot hit send again so it posted twice. I looked for a maintenance thread but couldn't find it. It's probably there somewhere, and if not maybe there should be one? if not, a suggestion could be to allow members to delete their own posts? so instead of bothering staff to delete them we can just delete our own double-posts. I know we can do other things with our threads but. lD

    Sorry. xD The error said that there was a problem with the server both times I tried to post it but it posted anyways obviously.

    I've also had some problems with looking at my character profiles? Where it's all broken and jacked up and says that they're working on the problem. It happens a lot, but I haven't been to anyone else's characters enough to see if it's a problem with viewing everyone's or just mine. I thought I'd bring it up.. I'll print screen it and post it here next time I come across it. At first I was just gonna deal but it's become annoying so.
  2. Looks like Lautir got it cleaned up for you. :) We used to have a mod that would merge double posts, but it needs a little work as it was inconsistant. It's something that I want to add back, and should end up fixing this issue.

    As for the server - a screen grab would be great. I haven't had an issue with posting or viewing character profiles. So I haven't encountered that one. If you catch it again, could you also let me know what browser you're using? It being a JavaScript incompatibility error is always a possibility.
  3. Ahh, thanks Lautir!(omg when did you install the tagging mod I dont remember this), but that mod would be really handy since I'm stupid sometimes. But hey, at least I'll give you guys something to do if I do it often. I hope I dont. LOL

    I'll be sure to grab a screenshot of each next time it happens. The posting error wasn't much to go on but the profile viewing is all kinds of jacked up for me sometimes, and if I recall refreshing the page does nothing. I have to go back and click my profile again and then try to look at the character again. I use Chrome. o:
  4. I love deleting things, feel free to do it more often ;D

    I can only imaging that the merging of double posts will be difficult for IC posts since you don't really want them to merge since that would just generate double content in one post.
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