Possible Newsletter, We Need Your Thoughts

Thread in 'Game-Related' started by KadouKitsune, Nov 6, 2013.


What newsletter option do you like?

  1. Weekly baby!

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  2. Bi-weekly if you please.

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  3. Monthly is good enough for me.

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  4. ....What's a newsletter?

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  5. No! No newsletter, and you're a horrible person for suggesting it!

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  6. I like turtles!

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  1. Okay, I had an idea, and have talked with Iversia about it.

    Pretty simple idea really, a newsletter that goes over any site development work, and touches on new RP threads, characters, things like that.


    We want your opinions on it.

    Should it be weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly?

    Admittedly, the newsletter will be a bit of work to do weekly, but if that's what you want, then that is exactly what you'll get.

    So, vote in the poll, leave a post with your thoughts on the newsletter idea. Do you like it or hate it? Why? Will you read it if it comes out?
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  2. Hmmm, while I do like receiving Shadowlack emails I'm not a fan of receiving any emails on a regular basis. But the thing is I wouldn't be the main audience for a newsletter as I'm connected to Shadowlack in pretty much every way possible in social media. So I'm going to look at this as something that will help get other people active instead of myself :3

    I think this could be a good tool to give users a regular poke to come back and check the site. So I definitely approve of having site development sent out when ever it happens. I also like the idea of people being able to get notification of threads being started (basing that on how I love seeing new thread in my Twitter feed), small things like new characters I'm a little more hesitant about if only because we have users who join up, make a character and disappear. If I got a bunch of emails that kept telling me that I would stop opening the emails.

    What I think could be good is a personalized but auto generated newsletter. At first everyone would get the basic all the things one but could then modify their subscription status to say "I only want to hear about site news" or "I only want to hear about new Open IC threads + new characters". However, I understand this would take a lot more work then what is currently being discussed I believe.

    If we are talking non-auto generated that demands a lot more person time. Would they just list things or give commentary? If it's just listing new things I wouldn't read it because I see everything (EVERYTHING O_O) as I sign in everyday as for others I'm not sure how interested they would be in the hearing about every post and character being made. Just a basic over view might be enough.

    What I would like to read is a round up of monthly Wiki additions + edits. Because even as a super regular it's easy to miss Wiki things every now and then.

    omg why did I write so much. I'm obviously stuck in NaNoWriMo mode. I'm so sorry I'm going to go back to my word doc now ;_;
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  3. Hehe, writing plenty is a good thing though!

    It would be a handwritten thing, with possible commentary....I almost always have something to say.

    I wouldn't be doing notes about individual posts or the like, that would just be....tedious and annoying.

    The idea I have is have several sections. One for Wiki updates, one for general site updates, one for new IC threads, and one for new characters. I actually am leaning more towards a bi-weekly thing now, and would only highlight new threads that haven't gotten any activity in that time frame.

    I think, as the site grows, it could be a potentially useful thing, since there will end up being the possibility of threads being missed, or people not seeing ones that interest them.

    Naturally, there are good and bad points about something like this. Perhaps we could even set up lists, with people getting the emails at the times they want. That would take a bit of work to organize, but it could be a possibility if enough people express an interest in it going that way.
  4. Like I mentioned to you before, I do really like the idea. :)

    I think I'd prefer to only send out an email once a month maximum (I currently only send out two emails a year max... mostly to clean out dead/inactive email accounts), but that certainly doesn't mean we couldn't have weekly updates get posted here on the forums. Then if there ends up being enough interest, people could "opt in" to the weekly email updates. So everyone would end up winning!
  5. That way could work. Would mean less work from me....though since I can't work, and all I do is sit at home.....that doesn't matter much.

    Also, Iversia....YOU DIDN'T VOTE! Therefore your opinion is unofficial.
  6. Haha. I want to vote! It's just that that "I like turtles!" option is super tempting.
  7. I put it there just for you.
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  8. *If this is still in discussion I think its a great idea.

    Weekly would be awesome if there's enough content. Keep everyone caught up on whats new, what needs work, what we need to be contributing to... ect. If not that then monthly would be rad too.
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