Police raid disrupts peace

Thread in 'Media Communication' started by Denizen, Mar 28, 2009.

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  1. The Chafuo Department of Justice - whose presence has become only more public since last seasons killings - have raided a number of homes and establishments simultaneously over Jidp-Sena.

    In what is believed to be an attempt to locate the elusive suspect, the CDJ upturned businesses and homes but have turned up short. Some claim they saw a figure leaving at speed towards Mansukh - but conflicting reports say a figure left towards Pwa when the raids started.

    Numerically, the CDJ are not as well suited to raids, these days, as the Watani Police Department, due to having a physical presence on the streets. Shopping in Chafuo has become more of an awkward exercise knowing that officers find it necessary to watch over the city. A few residents have argued that it's not the city over which the police should be watching - it's the seas, as that is where the murders took place, but the police are adament that the suspect could only have escaped via the streets.

    During the raids an officer was assaulted and a drug associate was arrested when a dispatch busted in on the small, sleeping, crime ring. The officer sustained substantial cranial and dorsal injuries but is said to be recovering well.

    "The search has only just begun." An officer is quoted as having said; but if this is just the beginning, the residents of Chafuo can expect more disruptions to their every day lives.
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