Police detective gives statement on missing Thill

Thread in 'Media Communication' started by Denizen, Oct 23, 2008.

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  1. The Police detective dispatched from the Watani branch to investigate the reported missing 17 year old Thill, Kimera, has only some Mosa ago made a statement to local reporters.

    "Since the beginning of this investigation we have had only the information provided to us by Kimera's father, Casi. He has co-operated with my department fully. However, there have been few leads as to young Kimera's whereabouts.

    We have fully explored all avenues pertaining to Kimera's associates, close friends and acquaintances and have had no positive results that would point us towards her current location. I have a team of experts working right now to construct a time-line of events so that we may understand her movements and thereby see where she could have gone."

    In Detective Darad Mohir's announcement, this journalist pressed to know if the Detective Mohir had ANY leads at all.

    "Allow me to clarify; we have had only Casi's report to go on. But let me assure you all that my forensics team is on the case! We will find Kimera. At this time, however, I appeal to whomever may know her whereabouts and to Kimera herself. Let us know where you are."

    The Detective concluded his report, waving off further questions.
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  3. i'm counting the days, my pretty. i am counting.
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  5. IS NOTHING SAFE!!! lol.
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