Police alerted to missing Thill

Thread in 'Media Communication' started by Denizen, Oct 19, 2008.

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  1. This jipd-sena, police issued a statement about the Thill rumoured to have gone missing within the last 20 hours.

    Kimera - or Kim to her friends and family - didn't return to her riverside abode on Fidpui and was thought to have stopped in at one of her friends' houses on her way back from the Honnemdrejp Academy for Young Thill. Her father reported the 17 year old missing after he'd received no communication, based on the fact that, "she was in the habit of letting him know wherever she was" - says 52 year old Casi of Bhim - an ex-NCO of the USR.

    When asked, police said they have no reason to believe that the situation is suspicious, but will dispatch a team to investigate the report.
  2. Whuh-oh. I know what this means. o_o;;;

    *runs away... very quickly*
  3. Oh my.
    Hope she's safe.
  4. *builds herself a panic room*

    It begins ;_;
  5. I swear I have seen that name somewhere...
  6. Okay here is what we have:

    1. Missing Thill
    2. Jodie and Steph panicing


    1+2= OH SHI*
  7. hey now, hey now...

    i'm totally calm about this. it's all so tasty, really.
  8. Muahahahaha! This is so exciting! XD
  9. Oh wait... is the beast aw- ...
  10. I am so lost.....*hides under a newspaper in the park...just incase*
  11. O_O ....... urge to killl riseing. just jokeing

    oh no is ...... a crim or just kidnaped or DEAD!!!!!
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