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Thread in 'General Chat' started by PirateFerret, Jul 20, 2007.

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  1. [​IMG]

    Oh yeah! Anyone else play pokemon? Tis awesome. I need to get meself a DS and Pearl version. I cant wait. Blarg! I found a link to this card making thing in Precaution's signature and I am siting bored in class and decided to make one. Mrr.

    Yeah! Post your trainer card here...I just wanted to show mine off.
  2. I love pokemon :heart: I want to go play my Emerald version now ;-;

    If you want to know how much I love pokemon here: I have all the games except Pearl, Diamond, Blue Rescue Team, and the Wii game, and I was such a fanatic that I was first place in the local Pokemon Trading Card Tournament with my fire deck :3

    Here's my Card:

    That really is my Emerald team XD I loved my Espeon from Colliseum so much I transferred her over to my Emerald :B
  3. Mrarg. I have Red, Blue, Silver, Gold, Crystal, Ruby, Saphire, the Pokemon Trading Card Game on gameboy and soon to be Pearl. Plus Stadium 1 and 2, Pokemon Snap, and Hey You Pikachu on Nintendo. (Only reason Im listing is cuz I dont know what I dont have >_>) I used to have so many cards it was retarded, and I had a couple cards worth like $70 each. But I ended up giving all my cards to my cousin when I lost interest. But now it has sparked up again. Pokemon tis friggin awesome.

    I started my Ruby version over again recently, and those pokemon on my card are my currnet team. Linoones rawk. ^^
  4. Murr, I have like, three of the 'Shining' Pokemon cards (Shining Noctowl, Shining Charizard, and Shining Celebi) which all together are worth alot now, along with an original Charizard card and a bazillion promos, like Entei, Ancient Mew, Eevee, which I keep in case I ever want to sell them. But I have like, 6 binders full of cards. I was that much of a tard and still am.
  5. *shivers in envy* Hod, I cant beleive I gave all my cards away. They just like...poof. You are going to be rich one day. Hehehe. I bow down to you and your awesome cardyness. Hehe. It would be cool if they had like...virtual pokemon card games so that people could play online. That would be awesome.
  6. That would be. And thanks :) My mom and I share them because she LOVES grass pokemon XD
  7. Bah, fire pokemon are totally the way to go. That and steel pokemon. Hod I love steel pokemon.

    And thats so cool that your mom likes pokemon! My parents think pokemon is only for kids. I think if my mom, or one of my good friends liked pokemon too I never would have gotten out of it.
  8. I kind of miss Pokemon Snap, it was so creative, however there are rumors for a new Wii Edition. If you've played Red Rescue Team, I'd not recommend Blue Rescue Team, I don't even know of any differences between them.

    I banked about 100 hours in the first month of playing Pokemon Diamond, I know, I have no life :D

    I used a male sprite, however I believe it has some feminine flare :p This isn't my battle team per-say, but these are some of my favorites, that I actually have (other wise there'd be a charmander on there).

    I have some really old cards, but I don't think any of them are that rare, I collected what I could but never really spent the money that other kids did.
  9. I don't really have a set team yet... so I haven't gotten around to making a card there.


    Jodie - 4467 7435 4151 (I've got Pearl)
  10. [​IMG]

    I love my adorable Sandshrew! Which i leveled to 100 instead of letting it beome Sandslash! =D
  11. I"m pulling 200+ hours and all of my friends are on 300+ (as you can see, I'm starting to drift into other games. ha ha..) but yeah, If I ever get Wi-Fi, I'll play you guys. But beware. My cuddly pokemon are the most vicious... like rattata :3

    In fact, Rattata > a lot if you know how to use it.
    (Hold Focus Sash, opponent will send it to 1HP, use Endeavor to send opponent to 1HP, use Quick Attack to kill it.. works like.. every time. ensures at least one kill. :D ) And that's your pokemon tip of the day.
  12. What do you do for 300 hours? :o Well I guess if I had people I could play with in person I'd play a lot more, but 300, wow.

    Haha, this thread made me take out Phoenix Wright and put Pokemon back in my DS, if only just for a hour.
  13. Kycha! I feel copycatted~

    But thats cool, I adore copycats~

    Yeah, I have Pearl, but my WiFi is ghey and doesn't work, otherwise I'd totally pwn yalls~ With only two 100's and a bunch of 80's to 50's that I'm too lazy to level further. ;p

    And that ain't my real team, either, I'm still training it when I ain't workin me two jobs. I have the Seadra and dragon scale set up though, and the Houndoom is in my party right now. Nidoking is 71, Tyranitar is like, 60, Seadra is, 37? Houndoom is 32, Absol in place of the Sableye is 100, and my Flygon, Sand, who is my favorite lil person to whore fly with right now simply because I use fly so much in Pearl, is 82~

    JUST WAIT TILL I FIND WIFI, I shall pown some ass~

    And then get my ass handed to me by those kids on GTS who expect level 100 legendaries for level 2 Bidoofs...
  14. Murr, I started playing my yellow version again. I forgot how awesome it was to have a Pikachu follow you around XD


    That's my team. Nidokings are pure awesome. As are Fearows and Sandslashes.
  15. Nidokings rule but Sandshrew>Sandslash cause its cuter.
  16. As long as its a good ground type I dont mind. Like my Blue version~


    (These are fun)

    Anyways, as long as ist knows Dig, Earthquake, and Magnitude I don't care what it looks like. It's a good pokemon :P I love ground types, bird types, and electric types.
  17. My flygon owns ground types ._.

    Levitate ftw, and even if they use an iron ball and fling or whatever, it's still a ground/dragon so it's not hurt much. XD

    And don't forget, ground types get owned by alotta shit, water, ice, grass, I think rock...

    Yeah, uberpowned.

    But I do agree, Nidokings ARE the sex.

    I want my Tyranitar and Nidoking to have hawt babiez and breed a Tyranitar that somehow knows megahorn and poison jab and body slam and crunch ;D
  18. Heh i got bored in the first 3 weeks of the holiday and dusted off my GBA SP.

    i good old poison/elemantal party with the bird version of marrowack. and i couldnt be botherd to use legendary stuff


    I love the 'eons cute fuzzy and powerful. Yes im playing fire red but oh well, i love this guys cape i want it.
  19. I wonder how Nidoking and Nidoqueen make their babies. XD
  20. Fwee I love making trainer cards. ^^ I've got so many made up trainers I've made cards for it isn't even funny. 0_o

    Anyway, here's my Yellow team...


    (Yes, I am at the Elite Four with them, but I can't get past 'em! xDDD) However, my dream team is...


    Yeah. Mawile rocks. ^^
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